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  • goffter323 goffter323 Mar 17, 2006 10:08 AM Flag

    stocks and horses the same

    the more you invest the more it goes the other way. You can gain but the ones that go up the most are those your not in. Its amazing what constitutes freedom . I am sure it could be worse and I am sure this is a good long term play but thats not to say there isn't a mathematical formula for gauging what the average investor has in their porfolio and MMS going opposite way. I know everyone is making money and I am nuts. Thats because the MMs are the only ones left to comment on.
    Remember this , they all look great on paper till you invest . Ok now lets go over all my internet names lol

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    • maybe the trick is to do your research and buy BEFORE it's a momentum play... I've got shares from $4.47 up to $7.00 (avg basis $6.31). I'd add below $7.50 from cash reserves, but I'd buy on margin @ $7.20 currently. And yes - this IS a longterm play (be an investor and not a trader, you'll win more in the end). Believe me, I understand the temptation to short @ $8.40 and sell long shares when it's plunging .40 in a day... but if you can't restrain your self and avoid trading on emotion, then you shouldn't be in such a volatile stock. Captain Obvious signing off here!

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