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  • turbineflyer2000 turbineflyer2000 Jan 31, 2008 4:51 PM Flag

    good time to look back

    I made it easy for you: here are the answers to the debate before this post. A little 20/20 hindsight never hurts! I gambled they wouldn't write anything down til later in the year. I was wrong. On the positive side, at least it indicates honest, albeit incompetent management.

    Here is the great bison's lame reply. He is clearly a neophyte.

    None of you can say you were not warned of potential issues. You all were quick to cast stones. Yet you now want to blame inside info? Typical lazy persons excuse. The lawsuit is a joke as well. Hopefully we can maintain caveat empor in the stock market. Without it, my percentage gains would be greatly diminished.

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    • aaargh...quite think my piddly 3800 buck investment made 1100 vs. 110,000?? i think that is right. in a very short time on gut feel reaction analysis..... darn i had it right.......well, thanks for the feedback....i know what i am learning.......thanks to you smart guys who help.....goldie

    • Well, you could have fared much better, assuming you spent the same amount of money buying the puts as it cost you to buy qid. Roughly 100 times better. MUCH more risk too though. That is the power of leverage. If you are smart, you will only buy as many contracts as you can afford to take delivery of, should you have to.

    • thanks.......but sorry......i meant if i had bought puts on qqqq. same time frame........ how well would i have fared?? the wall
      street guys have
      done in r today..i am a buyer....good luck honest people, of which there are always, thanks ............goldie

    • You wouldn't have made any more, buy you would have lost less had it not gone down.

      I only use them to enter a position I would buy anyway. And only if there is down side risks I would not normally expect.

      One S stock is going to go boom today! Enjoy

    • i am thinking via your message, how much better i would have done on qid with puts.... please tell me if you are hanging around a hangar where to start on gtra (gut feel reaction analysis) seems pretty good.....but i gotta learn......approximately how much more would i have made....i made about 30 math is not yours or the kws of the world.....but i dont think he does puts......thanks if you take the time.........still no b stock evaluation email......i guess that has gone beyond too............goldie

    • What did I see in YHOO? My standard entry criteria this season...undervalued and retesting a low. The trade profile is very clean there -- buy a retest and stop out if it closes below the previous low. 1/23's low was the one I was watching...AH on Tuesday it gapped down and tested that low so I took a shot. Wednesday was scary but it held -- on more than enough volume to power through...vedy interesting. Thursday morningstar lowered their valuation...argh.

      Knowing MSFT lusted after YHOO was a consideration...pure luck that it played out like it did. It could have easily gone the other way and triggered the stop.

    • but the ta guys haven't a clue what happened or don't care..... i.e ...the stops thing, if you are making 20 or more trades a week, how could or would you know,but that is pricey..i still have not mastered the stops thing, despite the debates.... it continues to evade was not present during the "baron" episode.. i found an excellent post on stops, which i wish i could find and put up for discussion but it seems to have "gone beyond".......turbo, i appreciate the emails but they are no where to be found....the brst. pk thing ended with a decision being made very shadily, in after hours, the day before thanksgiving.. i think they are in the patent litigation business... no time for anyone to do anything.. pretty dirty......if there are emails where can they be.. congrats on yahoo, kirk..dont know what you saw....but awesome....turb, after this i am thinking of trying some v calls? my first try...they are all that is left. i had fun with my qid.. think it is 30 percent in a short time...but now i gotta figure out how to keep it and make more... that is the tough part..thanks for sharing guys, and dont be mean...........goldie..

    • If I would have relied on stops, my average loss would have been 4 times greater. Afterhours was a blessing for me. I guess I was the only one selling?

      I will not get into stops, as that is what destroyed baron. And I choose not to do the same with you.(although you may learn the lesson better than baron lol) Basically stops are for the novice, who doesn't pay enough attention. If you feel you must use stops, you should use index funds, or etf baskets. I knew the implications immediately, and knew I had to get out in the AH. I couldn't get all out, so got burnt for the remainder. IF I were really too smart, I would have used the previously discussed put option, so I can't really talk.

    • yeah, well...neener neener. Them's with hair trigger flame throwers shouldn't whine about rocks. Being right is one thing...

      Looks like it's turkey day, because the market caught a bounce. Got any intel..?

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      • Pick a sector. We already hashed them out earlier. I still agree with that diagnosis. I would add that the new leaders are being determined now. Which ones are you figuring they are? I am fully invested for the 4th time in my career. I will start pairing back on a few holdings shortly.

        I was simply pointing out that is was not insider info. I did limited research, and turned it up rather quickly. Funny how the warnings go un-noticed, even after the bomb hits.

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