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  • junkfood_pe junkfood_pe May 18, 2012 3:07 PM Flag


    any good perspective longs to play in summer

    preferably out of consumer discretionary sector

    can u check symbol n u v a

    weekly, daily, 60 min, 15 min

    quiet, no options scam, good growth tulip presented by the management

    also guns : r g r, s w h c.

    r g r - measured move after measured move on daily

    face booky has obviously broke down intraday

    good weekend

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    • Excellent post, Biggestbison! Feed 'em the truth and watch 'em run! :-)

    • One of the key reasons posters like stereo and trekman have never understood the cellulosic bioprocessing technology is that they never took the time to investigate it or bother to understand how it actually work. For two posters who have continually railed against it and suggesting it was everything from "speculative" to "scrap metal," they have never acknowledged any of the facilities put up over the years or the actual production of cellulosic ethanol using the technology. The number one rule in investing is that if you don't follow the fundamentals, you aren't going to be able to be a good judge of a company's prospects. One of the main reasons Valero moved on this technology was the long-term, industrially-proven production of fuel using the technology. When SunOpta sold it to Mascoma in exchange for a stake in Mascoma, it brought several key variables into account. The yeast conversion for C5 sugars, the consolidation of several key steps prior to distillation and huge reduction in costs per gallon when using everything from grasses to wood chips.

    • Keep betting against long long as QE doesn't enter.. 1200 S&P is in the cards as long as Benny continues to sit on his hands.

    • Maybe the other big clue regarding the technology was the fact that Mascoma tried to buy the pretreatment platform from Virginia Tech before Mascoma eventually acquired it in exchange for an 18%+ stake. Valero's stake is just slightly less than SunOpta's stake; the largest of them all.

    • Usually I like to cover the fundamentals on the cellulosic ethanol side of the business as well. Those DOE-funded facilities using SunOpta's technology were easily the highlight of the technology being actually feasible and competitive with petroleum. No company using acids or dilute acids is going to be building a commercial facility using chromium and zirconium. So here we sit with the most advanced technology for the lowest production price and oil prices sure aren't coming down. China is putting 50,000 new cars on the road each week. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see a small delay in construction in Michigan. That would be more the norm than anything else and every facility put up using this technology has made cellulosic ethanol.

    • good oner stereo--yeah if only a brain----but be glad we is playing against them---lolol--she is not sure how to to do the repeat job one so she waits and doesnt lose bucks---you are right when you win you win---hope all is sunny in malaysia--

    • Blah, blah, blah, blah....what a ton of crap got unloaded today.

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      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...very fitting!!

    • Very strong indeed. The stock is down only .20 USD in light of one of the toughest market selloffs of the year. One thing I like about low volume is the absence of traders who don't know jack about the company who sit around and whine about our company. I just pulled back into town and I passed Alexandria, MN on the way back from North Dakota. This is looking like a good year for crops in Minnesota. With just 80,000 shares traded on Friday, I like how this is going.

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      • Wow...all the way to North Dakota from Wisconsin. Was that a direct flight or did you have a stop-over? Maybe you rode your bicycle.

        Yes, there are few people on this board who REALLY understand the fundamentals and how to value this stock. One of the 'pros' who thinks he does, was buying all the 'fundamental' shares that management was selling at $14 & $15.....and they are eternally grateful. Yes, it really does take a very particular person to hold a stock for more than 7 years just to be up a few %. Weren't we supposed to be at $200 by now...based on fundamentals of course!!

        BTW......RGR looks interesting

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