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  • freddytheinvestor1969 freddytheinvestor1969 Jan 14, 2000 5:30 AM Flag

    IAAC is a buy, but

    What is International trading? Do they mean
    trading international stocks or having trading available
    for international customers?

    As far as being
    able to trade foreign stocks, this is already the case
    for many stocks already, since any sizable listing on
    a foreign exchange is usually listed on the NASDQ
    as well. A lot of European companies such as British
    companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange, the
    EASDQ and the NASDQ and because the biggest volumes is
    on the NASDQ, and because of that a lot of times it
    isn't worth trying to trade on the low volume exchanges
    and even if the price goes upon one of the other
    exchanges if you try to sell it they'll be no takers and
    the price falls and if the price goes up, it gets
    knocked back to reality once the NASDQ opens. Very
    similar to the current after hours trading. Now there
    could be some advantage to buying a stock on a foreign
    exchange before it's co-listed on NASDQ, but that is very
    risky, since the reporting requirements in a lot of the
    other exchanges aren't as stringent as the SEC, and you
    could end up buying a Scam stock.

    Now as far as
    providing OLB services to customers outside of the US, this
    could be a niche market that E-trade and the others
    haven't eagerly pursued yet. Now E-Trade and some of the
    other OLBs do accept non-US customers, but apparently
    they don't make it very easy for them and they are so
    busy with all of their US customers they don't cater
    to them.


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    • It looks like we might breach the 100,000 volume level today. It would be nice technicially if we closed above 10. IAAC is getting discovered.

    • Bet that guy who sold at $8 3/8 is kicking himself right about now. IAAC will close over $10 today. We needed a little shakeout. Very healthy.

    • Fred,go to their home page, you will find iaac
      will provide international stocks to USA investors as well as USA stocks to other country's jealous investors at much lower commision fee.

      • 1 Reply to scutmb
      • freddytheinvestor1969 freddytheinvestor1969 Jan 14, 2000 11:11 AM Flag

        I think catering to foreign investors to trade US
        stocks a much lower commissions would be a great idea.
        The commissions outside of the US is extremely high.
        I know there are a few getting into it, but there
        isn't any competition in that market yet. As I said,
        most of the other OLBs will let non-US residents open
        up OLB accounts but they don't make it easy. I have
        a friend in Germany and it took him 6 months to get
        an OLB account with E-Trade. They kept returning his
        application requesting additional ridiculous information and
        each additional request would be about a month later.
        They also returned his check in German Marks and
        required him to get a bank draft in US


    • that operate a Chinese restuarant.They love to
      gamble and play the market.I dont want to stereotype but
      they say its a cultural thing.It would be easier if
      they could trade on their "home " market where they
      know the stocks and have homeland connections.If
      someone could fill this niche I think they will be
      sucessful.Good luck longs,I am loaded up and ready to be

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