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  • domtar111 domtar111 Mar 21, 2007 12:37 PM Flag

    Sold the Pinto

    Where is Trygirl now that the PR is out on financials and the big Dupont announcement. The stock for all the hype has done nothing. We are at the same levels. How come we are not over .50c?? Because no one believe you anymore and the company is still highly speculative with more potential downside than up. The financial report is full of warnings. I know all penny stocks have to give these warnings. The bottom line is the great news of Dupont could not get this stock going. That is a bit scary.

    Why is that Trygirl, can you give me an answer?? This stock was at .46c back on Feb. 20th. It's been dead money except if you traded it. I'm sorry I'm so angry but I just might have to take you up on the house cleaning job.

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    • I hate to bust your bubble here but I guess someone has too. There are two things that will move a stock, and short lived news is not one of them. They are buyouts and positive growth, and to date this efsf has neither. You are looking at a year to 18 months before you see any growth and at this point forget a buyout. This company is running on a shoe string and can barely pay their bills. They have very little cash flow and low revenue. With that being said, "their price is trading on pure speculation." They are actually over priced at 3 cents a share, do the math, 151 million times 3 cents = 4,530,000.00 and thats higher than their revenue per year. So if you like this stock, you better like for their potential not their worth.

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      • "This company is running on a shoe string and can barely pay their bills. They have very little cash flow and low revenue."

        Wal-mart has done better DD than anyone on this board on this product and this compnay.

        Dupont same story...

        We only know what we are told.....and what were being told is shaping up to be really sweet.....Were starting to see a company that makes mail box money.....The create a product or idea in-house, then the broker it all out to the best of breed in the field to get the nuts and bolts done....

        They hired the best nutritionist in the field, guess what, he is cooking up the immune bar.....nice.

        Here is the deal, the cost of creation has a fixed cost, once that fixed cost is covered, it is gravy time...

        So we have a company that soon will have several products on the market with certification, being brokered out to the best....and selling like hot cakes.....and EFSF will get a piece of all that action....while they then concentrate on the next item to pimp out, and so on.

        So with the pipeline that has been provided publiclly I see some very good interesting things moving forward.....

        I don't have the time to post it all out, but, what about when all of the products are up for

        What are we worth then? .50 LOL.

        More like something in line with KonLin expectations....2 bucks.

        Now, does the stock market wait until all of this is spelled out, or does it look forward?

        Hasn't the projections been very solid as of yet? Didn't Wal-Mart come? Oraphyte, that is on the down low ( we get what we get, not for other companies to know either)

        My point is that I have read the paid research, and I saw where it said wal-mart and target and I highlighted this here on these boards and it came.......Target is next.
        So when the rest of the research is looking very valid at this point, why do we scof, at 2 bucks, by years end...

        Snapp is not scoffing, just holding and relaxing for once in a long time...Happy that my money is in a good spot, in a company that is in a promotional phase, putting new product on the market.


    • "I'm sorry I'm so angry "

      Why you angry?

      Players are moving in and out of this stock, we've had a really nice run, and were still trying to digest this run. I agree, wal-mart and Dupont sort of did nothing to the share price, but, we have a really solid base here in the upper .40's, a few more days of consolidation and basing and we will be ready for the next run...

      The main point for you to enjoy, is that the trading is comfortable, and orderly....we are not seeing major swings where people are being hurt....and daytraders are scalping that sucks....With that being said, I expect the base to hold on low volume, and I look forward to new updates....Also, another key, is that PG has plenty of things she could report on any given day.....with so many fingers of business, all doing well, I suspect that she can control the flow of info to us, and basically control the SP via PR realeases.....This is a good thing....She is on our side, PG wants to keep the stock cool, and cooking in the right direction, not getting it too over heated, and not letting it cool down too much...

      It seems that many of the things talked about in the paid research have come to pass and it seems that most of what is expected is already baked into the stock price right now...but, as time goes buy, we will continue to base higher and higher until, we get the news that breaks us out to the next level...

      Go tell some friends to buy EFSF....I have.
      Let the sellers sell, let the players scalp their 100 bucks, I'm just gonna hold and not worry....

      Guess what, we just dropped the bad news, next Q should show some nice percentage gaines....and this can only help.


    • This lame horse didn't galloped, so I sold her (well I may have kept the saddle). (225k shares) However, this was before the news was out. I'm all in when good news comes out, but if Dupont does a good test run (and they will considering the $$$ to be invested) this could be a full growing season away. AKA Fall. Good Luck!

    • Classic Pump & Dump
      Stock was a penny last week and is .11 today. Who will get caught holding the bag when the bottom drops out and goes back to .01?

    • So Nuvo, did you just get your balls busted dollar? How dare he figure you out. Pump on one post bust my balls for doing the same thing on another. By the way, I own MEDX also. This stock will go to the moon. How many biotechs do you know that have 6 drugs in Phase 3 with 2 more coming before the end of the year.

      NXCN not the moon but .50c yes.

    • I feel your pain but I don't agree with you completely. You should look at the bashing thread I started, what's wrong with this stock, or something like that. The stock isn't recognized, that's all. Its a penny stock and it has much less risk than most penny stocks I've seen, albeit not many.

      There are several, profitable products in the works and Cinnergen continues to show growth. It has nothing to do with pumping. The stock is not highly speculative, or should I say compared to what? It doesn't have more downside than up either, I don't know where you get that from? Profits or recognition will get the stock up, not a PR or a pumper. There was no reason for the stock to be at that level or the high last year for that matter. I think the level its in now is about right and should only go higher now that DuPont is in the process of testing. How can it go down from here?

      Give us a solution or something. Ok, I just thought of how Cramer would call this a damaged stock probably, not that he has anything positive to say about penny stocks but I think that is the main issue for seeing the level its been stuck at.

    • If you sold your saying: USDA is a bunch of jokers and have no idea what they are doing.

      If you sold your saying: Dupont is spending money testing a big joke.

      If you sold your saying: Wal-Mart is not going to go big with the product...Hell, were worth over .50 on the sales just to fill the shelves of wal-mart.2,300

      If you sold your saying: KonLin has no clue! and he got mixed up, his excitement must have been over the all you can eat buffet.... He thinks this is one of the best stocks he has ever seen, as far as current price to what it should be.....WOW...WTF on that?

      If you sold your saying: The several paid pieces are exactly that paid pieces that don't know anything...2 bucks will never happen....

      If you sold your saying: The run is over, and there are other places that are much more attractive for your money? Maybe their are.....but, its always a guess, here we have a CEO that is delivering on just about every word, and there is more to come!

      If you sold your saying: Well, maybe I can get in lower, I say good luck on that....maybe you can, maybe you won't.

      Again, I think PG has a war chest of PRs and she may drop another to steady us up here, we are over due for a few updates, and I suspect PG thought that the Dupont deal would have been worth more and I suspect she thought the Wal-mart deal would have been worth more at this point....So IMO, she may be thinking that we are a bit behind in her we may see updates here, Plus I would have to say I would love to see some players miss here, I would love for the price to snapp right back up to .475 on a update PR...and leave all the players out in the cold with the ask firmly planted in the hands of the longs...

      Tomorrow is Thursday.....PG, drop it, time to fix a few wagons around here....


    • But Nuvo, belkin said it is going to .50 in a couple months, wonder how he k no ws that?

    • If this stock goes to .50, I'll buy his green Pinto.

      Or he'll be so rich, he can just give it to me.

    • Hey, my friend from Ft. Lauderdale, why is your sentiment a "STRONG BUY" if you feel this way? Look at the FPL (florida power and light) and see their stock was higher as well in February. Get the picture?