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  • quit_smokin_2007 quit_smokin_2007 Mar 21, 2007 1:05 PM Flag

    Updated Product Information

    This is paraphrased (more or less) from the Wall Street Resources report:

    OraPhyte �
    - Release of the USDA report regarding effectiveness of OraPhyte product (coming soon)
    - Additionally, the Company has a meeting with a major chemical company that has great interest in this product once the USDA report is released (hmmmmmmmmmmmm)
    - USDA has agreed to allow the Company to use its endorsements and its report to support its claims
    - DuPont test results (license agreement pending positive affirmation of USDA results)
    Note to self: Knock-Out Technologies anticipates the release of a USDA report which confirms the effectiveness of eFoodSafety�s OraPhyte product against plant-parasitic nematodes, which could quickly turn into a lucrative licensing agreement with a large chemical company.

    Cinnergen � (remember the original Wal-Mart announcement was 1 month later than predicted)
    - Wal-Mart expansion from 500 stores to 3,500 stores (June 2007)
    - Walgreens announcement of 5,600 stores (March/April 2007)
    - CVS retail (It�s already carried at announcement of 6,000 stores (April/May 2007)
    - Target announcement of 1,000+ stores (April/May 2007)

    Cinnechol �
    - Product launch in April/May 2007
    - Expected to leverage Cinnergen brand recognition and existing distribution channels
    - Of the 20,000 stores that are expected to carry Cinnergen following the ramp-up in retail distribution, all are asking for Cinnechol

    PurEffect �
    - Celebrity announcement
    - Product launch (commercial campaign in April/May 2007), my bet is June
    - Per agreement with CK41, EFSF is solely responsible for providing product
    - CK41 takes on all marketing and distribution costs, which includes celebrity and infomercial production costs
    - EFSF has no out of pocket costs for anything related to PurEffect and receives 50% of the profit

    Immune Boost Bar �
    - Formulated and ready for packaging and distribution
    - Management anticipates product launch between May and July 2007

    In summary, most of the hard part is over for upcoming product launches, as evidenced by the following statement:
    �Some of the larger retail chains include CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Target. The real value behind these deals is that the Company has created established distribution channels for its future products, which will benefit the Company by reducing the sales ramp-up time, exposing hundreds of millions of American consumers to the product immediately following the product launch.�

    Concerning OraPhyte Distribution:
    �With respect to the Company�s Knock-Out Technologies division, the Company does not yet have an established product distribution plan in-place. However, due to the feverish demand for these types of products given the severity of the problems, we expect to see sign lucrative licensing deals with a major partner(s).�

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