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  • yl1 yl1 Apr 6, 2007 4:54 PM Flag

    Cinnamon has no effect on diabetes Looks like new research shoots down Cinnamon treatment.

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    • Now, more than ever, it is time that EFSF gives us a sales update on Cinnergen. That is needed to combat the current study that was released or it will take the air out of the stock price. When EFSF has a 'going concern' warning in their SEC filing and additional warning: "Concentration of Risk
      As of January 31, 2007, the Company's revenues are from the sale of Cinnergen, as part of a distribution agreement with Nutralab, Inc. The loss of this product would have an adverse effect on the Company's operations."
      Time for some proof that Cinnergen sales are going up and not going down.

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      • Lord have mercy my friend, every stock has a concentration of risk,this is a penny stock!!! You want a sales update call the CO. other than that here you go... Market Capitalization Information

        Sales: EFSF has annual sales of $1,000,000

        Sales Growth: Sales Growth is the Sales Growth Rate in percent over the last 12 months. EFSF has a Sales Growth of -29.00% per year. This is very poor. Sales Growth is updated each week for every stock. It is often useful to compare Sales Growth to Earnings Growth to gain an insight into a company's operations.

        Sales Per Share (SPS): EFSF has annual sales of $0.01 per share. SPS can be used as a measure of valuation when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

        Price to Sales Ratio (P/S): EFSF has a P/S of 46.64. This ratio is also used as a measure of valuation. Here, too, it is useful when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

        Shares: EFSF has 156,000,000 shares of stock outstanding.

        Market Capitalization: EFSF has a Market Capitalization of $57,000,000. Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying price times shares outstanding. M.

        WE are all hoping for the best BUT, remember this is a penny stock.

      • imindy Apr 8, 2007 12:53 AM Flag

        I thought we were talking for the past 2 months that Cinnergen did have a positive effect and Cinnamon had no effect. Why are some trying to change what was proven in a extensive test buy a bonified test lab. This new Cinnamon test compared to the Cinnergen test is like comparing apples and oranges, their not the same. Do we have some shorts trying to discreadet what has been proven.

    • Thanks for the link. Unlike some, I am thankful for all sources of DD --- Good and Bad news alike.
      Like Video says, Cramer says Buy and Homework -- Not Buy and Hold.

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      • eckler2, maby, just maby, children do not respond to the same doses that adults do and maby just maby, the children were not taking Cinnergen, that article had no mention of Cinnergen just cinnomin in general. Gosh what if you wrote back to these folks and had them try Cinnergen???? You have nothing to loose, give them a jingle. Like Video said homework. Find out if they were just taking a cinnomin tablet a day, or Cinnergen. M.

        They chose adolescents for the study, the investigators explain in the journal Diabetes Care, because this age-group is particularly at risk for uncontrolled blood sugar and had the most to gain from the intervention.

    • Go away you goober none of us are interested in your stupidity.

    • Last time I checked, Cinnamon is just ONE of the ingredients in Cinnergen.

      Also, last I recall, Cinnergen was tested in an FDA approved lab and was proven to help both Type I and Type II diabetics.
      26 of 50 patients taking 1 ounce of Cinnergen(TM) each day exhibited well controlled blood sugars by using Cinnergen(TM) alone.
      The remaining 24 of 50 patients who used 1 ounce of Cinnergen(TM) with their previously prescribed diabetic medications were able to decrease the amount of their medications in order to effectively control their diabetes.

      The study also measured the Hemoglobin A1C levels at the beginning and at the conclusion of the study. The diabetic patients on only Cinnergen(TM) had an impressive 70% improvement

      This was a Phase I Double Blind Study. so you all know what Double Blind means?
      Double-Blind Study -- A study design where neither the investigators nor the patients knows which medication, or biologic the subject is receiving.
      (Click trials explained)

      Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

    • whatever, cinnamon capsules per walgreens manager by me are flying out the door. end of story.

    • Type 1 but that does not preclude improvements for Type 2 sufferers.