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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Jun 25, 2007 1:57 PM Flag

    Been Here Before

    I've seen in the past where news is coming and the MM's want to gather all the stock they can so they drop the price to the point that all the stops are taken out and many investors lose heart and sell. Then, the good news comes out and guess who make a ton of $$$$$? I am not implying that is the case but there is no rational reason for the drop to .25 at this time.

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    • I've also seen the same thing occur many times, it's a crooked game this stock market. MM's in complete control, if they want it to go up or down they control the switch.

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      • Lets be real, yes, MM's play their game...but, were talking about lots of sellers for various reasons.

        Few buyers, with so many pending un-PR'ed to questions.

        Fear, greed, lack of comfort given via PR, market cap, flight to quality, margin calls which cause people to sell their no-names (that's us)...

        I'm not sure why the next Q earnings are not going to be soon, everyone is saying someting different...but, don't we get a Q report every three months or so....So we should be getting something soon, since it has been awhile since our last Q report.... I don't these exact rules, so for me to examine all the dates doesn't do any good.....Plus, bottom line is if the numbers are good....we will ramp into earnings...

        I just think about how we based out for a few months, all of them trades in the upper 30's, so many folks are underwater here....and lots of long who added on the way down..

        PG owns a huge stake in this company, I guess it is all about how / and when she wants to play this thing...but, she is no spring chicken, so ya think she would want to sell at the top here soon.....BRING ME FOR THE RIDE!

        Sorry, to the folks who come to this board looking and hoping for answers or a way to make this thing go up....The only thing I can say, is to average down big...and not wait for what you think is the bottom....remember...the bottom has been put in, the day before you realize it.


    • Yeah, its all a big guess at this point.

      But, huge news gets us back to where we were 4 weeks ago...

      .37 cents.


      now we need the huge news, net net....sellers have been milked, good ole boys are rewarded, longs just spun in circles with ulcers.

      It really sucks we brokedown so bad, now we are a gamble....great.