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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Jul 13, 2007 11:15 PM Flag


    BUT, will this shift people to Cinnergen, that is the big question. So far, I haven't read anything in the press to indicate that, which means, EFSF needs to get the story out.

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    • It does take time but, Those that are type2 know that a good diet and exercise can get them off the drugs.
      Cinnergen can be a aid for them to get there.
      It has been mentioned on cnbc how supplements are the future.
      BUT, I think they are cautious on talking about. Because...There are sharholders who have alot at stake with drug manufactures.
      I'm sure you heard about the dr. who got death threats from Glaxo shareholders over the phone at home....?

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      • In A Nut Shell

        The Street is not going to talk about the real future of diabetic drugs. Overtime you will see alot of the diabetic drugs that are now on the market slowly phase out.

        Type1 will always need a drug. But, As diabetics become more educated on how to combat on their own with exercise, diet and a possible "whole food" supplement. I do believe any diabetic would like to reduce their meds.

        Type2 Could get off their meds all together.

        As most know...There is a dirty side of Wall Street as well.

        BUT, Wall Street can not ignore the numbers when they come.

      • Correction...

        Not "death threats" just threats. It's pretty much the same difference.