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  • williams4076 williams4076 Feb 15, 2008 5:00 PM Flag

    Great Volume

    Good news next week will drive this up to .186 or so. Honestly folks, if they don't stop with the dumb$%# PR's and start following through on at least one product this could see a price around .10!!! Oh, do they have a solid product? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sue, if you stick your head in the sand any further, you'll start to see China:}

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    • williams,,,,,,,if i get to china , i'll bring back some of their

      just kidding with you

    • OraPhyte = Citroxin = Trademarked
      Trademark name doesn't = Patent
      You can get "citroxin" made in China and call it whatever you want, and sell it under whatever Trademark name you want. EF can't patent orange oil. If they can, I'm going to patent air and you'll have to pay me to breath. I firmly believe that OraPhyte will amount to $0 for EF even if it works.

    • Post third party articles related to the USDA and OraPhyte please... a.k.a not from EF.

    • your assessment may be correct given the available information out there, but the jury is still out. What will be determinative is actually the outcome of several variables, some which may become clear as soon as the next quarterly report.
      1. The company nearly broke even on Cinnergen sales alone in the last quarter. Since that time, additional marketing efforts have been exerted to increase sales.
      2. Pureffect as an infomercial is expected to bring in revenue and profits, simply because infomercials have a proven track record of doing so. Even products of dubious value have done well. The problem here is you must believe and trust the company that such an event is going to happen. However, in this case, there is greater reason to believe this will happen because it has been verified by a third party source, namely ck41.
      3. The USDA has already approved oraphyte as a pesticide for nematodes. The current testing is to prepare the product for marketing. As shareholders, our impatience awaiting results is sometimes equated into a feeling of uncertainty and mistrust which is not an unusual phenomenon.
      Again, however, there is confirmation by the USDA, a third party.
      Anyone of these three can bring the co. to profitability. The other products have less visibility, but still significant value. No one should ever make a decision on a penny stock based on message board posts. IMHO this is a good spec, unless of course the management is a bunch of liars. I do wish they would stop the dilution. I'm sure they prefer not to dilute seeing as they are loaded with shares, however, I think they have been too generous giving away shares for marketing efforts of dubious value. There are pay-for-performance marketing companies that probably would have been a much greater value with a lot less risk of dilution.