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  • SnappAttak SnappAttak Mar 13, 2008 9:16 AM Flag

    Isn't there a products show

    If the following were true, why haven't we ever seen anything. The huge problem that I see EFSF as having is that they make very large statements in print....and there is a distinct lack of follow through and or ability to verify if the information is true....This continues to be of huge concern.

    So the question still is "what the hell about this?"

    "The USDA has agreed to allow the Company to use its endorsements and its report to support its claims. This report, expected to be released in early 2007, will disclose that after extensive testing, the USDA has determined that this product is the only product capable of eradicating nematodes without damaging the plant. Management anticipates that it will soon be signing a licensing agreement with the USDA on this novel, patent pending technology for combating plant nematodes. Additionally, the Company has a meeting with a major chemical company that has great interest in this product once the USDA report is released. To be conservative, we have chosen to exclude any revenue assumptions related to sales of this product from our earnings model."

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    • Snap,

      I would think that they cant release any info due to some kind of agreement with Someone.(dupont?) Just my thoughts

    • AGREED. I've been saying that for a year. Where is the USDA.or why haven't they released their report

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      • And that Cinnechol, 2 publically blow Delivery dates, and over 1.5 over due.

        I once though that EFSF mgt was slick and on the ball the way they kept putting out PR after PR last year and I was blown away how a small comapany with few employees could curn out PR with new good news twice a week......We'll everything is not always the way it seems. After that solid pump and dump job, mum has been the freaking word for way too long.

        FBT and a shot of Chinnechol coming right up, Hold on, were going to be getting a new shipment of Cinnechol tomorrow or any day now.....any day.