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  • bizman57 bizman57 Jul 8, 2008 9:07 AM Flag

    PR week

    I believe we will get some sort of update PR this thursday as this has been their pattern lately. Hopefully an update on Pureffect's start. I believe the oraphyte news will be much later. GLTA

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    • Everyone needs to double check what has been said about the purreffect rollout. It is going to start slow, just like all our other rollouts. So if the board is expecting a splashy blitz and a nice kick-off, check again. In the PRs it says, it will start with emails and test marketing...stuff like that.

      So IMO, there is still lots of fudge room for them to say we have started but the reality of exactly what is being done may not be a huge effort.

      These are tough times, on a positive note, cinnergen is the real deal, my sister in law has been taking it now for 3 months and her body is responding well to this stuff....She looks better than ever, droped a bunch of weight and she is owing it all to this stuff doing something right for her. I think cinnergen will continue to do better sales as it keeps getting out there to more and more people.

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      • This PR was nice, but it also gave away too much info to proactive. I have noticed that proactive is at 50% off now, they are just flooding the market with all they have. But the 50% off also tells me that time is getting short and a new player may be stepping in soon. This is what we are looking for here., Inc. Announces: Clinical Study Shows 94% of Patients Prefer Company's PurEffect(TM) 4-Step Acne Treatment
        News source: Business Wire, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF) is pleased to announce results from a clinical study that compared its 4-step PurEffect(TM) acne treatment with a traditional 3-step treatment. The study, conducted by a well-established FDA-certified research facility, reports that 94% of program participants preferred the results of the PurEffect(TM) 4-step treatment.

        The eight-week study compared outcomes of a traditional 3-step acne treatment with outcomes from using the PurEffect(TM) 4-step treatment. Patients were instructed to apply each product to their faces according to label instructions, one product on the left side and the other on the right side. Each patient was photographed at the beginning and throughout the 8-week study. Patients using PurEffect(TM) reported remarkable improvement in their acne symptoms, expressing a decisive 94% preference for the PurEffect(TM) over the traditional 3-step treatment.

        A notable advantage with PurEffect(TM) is that after active acne is healed, the fourth step of the PurEffect(TM) system also treats a patient's skin redness and acne scarring. This unique feature of the PurEffect(TM) treatment was evidenced by this statement from the clinical study, "PurEffect(TM)'s greatest additional contributions in the treatment of acne is the ability to effectively heal the residual erythema (redness) and make a major improvement in permanent acne scarring."

      • snaPP: now we need to get a serious, well-known spokesperson to promote it. Also, some Diabetes-related orgs recommending it would be a big boost.

      • true Snap! thanks.

        I am loooking forward to seeing the website! It will be up and running when they begin the mail outs and online marketing!