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  • g5565l g5565l Jul 11, 2008 3:58 PM Flag

    Its all in the VOLUME....

    ...or lack thereof. Just about every sale since .15 has resulted in a loss to the seller...granted, few buyers out there, but why would ANYONE be buying if the company was going down the tubes ??...Volume says company is not going down the tubes... The few buyers out there are buying over and over again establishing huge positions; all at the expense of frightened retailers (the same story told millions of times). It can go to .06 or .05 for all I care (may actually have to buy more at .05). Your gamble here is that the company hits it big...but that is 12 to 24 months away. I'm gambling that the company makes it....if it doesn't, so be it...its a gamble I'm willing to take....

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