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  • foxmeadows1 foxmeadows1 Jul 18, 2008 2:22 PM Flag

    If It's In The NY Times....

    Only 50k
    Seems I am having trouble finding a buyer, only 3k sold at outset.

    This is the fear Lewis spoke of and others. When interest drys up to this low level it's a bad sign usually.
    Longs please don't bash me. If you are in at a PPS of .23, .33 or .43 you should not care if PPS goes to .01. You have lost a bundle but you choose to hold for the big hit that might be coming. Who knows.
    I decided over a year ago to sell, take a write off and be a short term trader.
    May have covered all my losses and if good news hits I will be glad to buy a bunch and the PPS rises quickly.