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  • iams4az iams4az Aug 18, 2008 5:38 PM Flag

    Good for Cinnergen; Poor for Amylin-Lilly

    Just to inform Board Members:
    "Shares of Amylin(AMLN - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) and Eli Lilly stumbled Monday after regulators warned of two deaths possibly related to the companies' Byetta diabetes drug.

    Shares of Amylin fell 16%, to $28.86, while its partner Eli Lilly were off by 1.7%, at $47.94.

    More than 80% of Amylin's first-half revenue in 2008 came from sales of Byetta.

    The FDA said Monday that Byetta could be linked to six cases of severe pancreatitis, all of which required hospitalization. Two of the patients have died.

    Regulators said there are no signs that would distinguish these types of severe pancreatitis (necrotizing or acute hemorrhagic) from less severe forms of pancreatitis.

    The FDA said its working with Eli Lilly and Amylin to add stronger more prominent warnings in the product label around the risk of these severe forms of pancreatitis." Here is another opportunity for EFSF to tout Cinnergen's preferred benefits. eom

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    • I thought that Cinnergen is not for people with Diabetes, rather it is for people who are pre-diabetic or borderline cases.

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      • Tryingtoget, The research was done with type I and type II diabetic patients.

        ", Inc. Completes Successful Double Blind Phase I Clinical Study Meeting FDA Guidelines Demonstrating the Positive Effect of Cinnergen™ in the Management of Diabetes
        January 16, 2007
        SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE), Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), a Company dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced that it has completed a Double Blind Phase I Study on Cinnergen™, an all natural liquid nutritional supplement designed to regulate blood sugar. The clinical study was conducted by Bucks County Clinical Research Center, which has been doing research for over 20 years for major pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Bucks County Clinical Research Center ( is a fully licensed FDA research center. The study followed 50 patients with Type I and Type II diabetes over a 90-day period and reported results from a Quality of Life survey completed by each patient. The results from the study showed that 52% of the patients taking 1 ounce of Cinnergen™ each day exhibited well controlled blood sugars by using Cinnergen™ alone. The remaining 48% of the patients who used 1 ounce of Cinnergen™ with their previously prescribed diabetic medications were able to decrease the amount of their medications in order to effectively control their diabetes. The study also measured the Hemoglobin A1C levels at the beginning and at the conclusion of the study. The diabetic patients on only Cinnergen™ had an impressive 70% improvement in this important medical monitoring tool which gives an accurate estimate of long-term blood sugar control."