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  • judandowell Jul 13, 2003 12:56 PM Flag

    Stock action

    IMVHO Ridgestone is still orchestrating behind the scenes with PTCH. They have everything to gain on any price above $6. I know they had wanted to merge PTCH or grow it by acqusitions. They gave up on BOD's and sold out to Gravette. I have said all along that Gravette wanted to take this company private. I also stated sometime back the reason they didn't extend the stock buyback was because Gravette wanted the price to come down so he and his cohorts could steal the company. I look for this company in 30-60 days to be around $7 or back down to about $4 to $4.50.
    Good luck to those holding the stock. I personally see the upside about a buck max and the downside one or two bucks. Not good odds in my opinion. I do believe the odds probably favor about 60/40 a buyout above $6. However, part of the due diligence might be that they decide the value is greater than $6 and no bidder comes forward at above $6......then we go down again.