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  • fund_money_man fund_money_man Mar 25, 2011 10:01 AM Flag

    Very suspicious Day

    Market running up on no fundamentals. Too many risks to the market like inflation, war, gas prices. Looks like hype to me. FNSR will follow the market. watch the nasdaq, if the nasdaq fails to rally and drops, so will FNSR.
    It is a very tough call today. the DOW is almost completely recovered, the nasdaq recovered about 60% from its lows.FNSR has a strong resistance at 24-24.25

    I say lock your profits if you have any.

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    • Corporations are having record profits. Plenty of recent news on that topic, which is the key ingredient to determining stock price. There will also be problems around the world. If you panic everytime a Libya get bombed, you would never invest in the market. HOP

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      • wrwinlv Mar 25, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

        I tried to catch the falling knife at $24.14. I have recovered from $20.82 and am only a $600 loser at this point. However I didn't get into this game to get even I came to play and hoping this puppy will get to $34 in the near future. Good luck all longs.

      • The last time Gas was over $4 it triggered a big recession. Look at the history of recessions, they all started at crude oil at over $100.

        This is no exception. It looks to me like the stocks are moving up on low voume and weaker hands are now buying, and the big boys are out. Again, just my gut feeling. I am very suspicious. This does not mean tht we dont make new highs, it means that the market cannot change its sentiment so fast, 3 days ago everybody was dooming the market. I give the big funds more credit, and I suspect they will sell into this rally that has no sense. Earnings are not everything, as we well know, the future is what they look for. FNSR had earnings that are not to be ashamed of. I just dont see the future rosy here. Sorry.
        Remember that I warned you ahead of time, WAY ahead of time.

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