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  • Frank_Past Frank_Past Oct 6, 2003 9:16 AM Flag

    PS2 off to China + Increased Margins

    Comtex article off Schwab StreetSmart dated today out of China quotes Hirodi Shoda, Chairman of SONY China, as stating "We will launch PS2 within this year."

    I'm thinking that may help the 50%+ growth SONY is having in China!

    Don't miss this article either: Excellent margin growth!

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    • Not just styling, performance, handling, quality of materials used. GM as usual is the WORST. VW is Europes #1 auto maker..Europe is a much bigger market than Japan or now even the U.S.

    • Look back, the point was reliability.

      Styling is pure opinion, no facts, like you.

    • My Honda lawn mower has been very good 16+ years, did finally need blade clutch springs and cable replaced, matter o' fact did it about 3 weeks ago. But now it has developed an oil leak it never had. Geee, guess they are mortal also. All machines wear and break. If TOYota is so wonderful, why do they have service and parts departments? they are boring, uninteresting, mundane, BORING cars. they aslo do not have the fit and finish of teh newest VW's. Why does the bottom of a TOYota have what always looks like the exhaust pipe falling down on the Camrys? Under neath when I am behind one of them things. Poor design. Look at the tail end underneath GERMAN vehicles, they are covered and finished, like a complete design. Let's see GERMAN inventions for cars, ABS, turbo chargers, superchargers, multi valve engines,diesel, electronic fuel injection, etc etc. Super highways...and most of all the AUTO itself!!!!!

    • You and drsxxl are like fish in a barrel. Nice anecdotal evidence, but I'll take Consumer Reports word for it thank you. "Reliability risks 1995-2002" include your Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, Mercedes, and yes, the almighty Volkswagen. Take note, the "Good Bets" have more Toyota models than any brand, no Mitsubishi's, and of course several Hondas, Acuras, and Lexus' etc. with a smattering of others.

    • Unrelaible? whaaaa. Let's see out of my 6 VW's over teh years, all well over 100,000 latest one is a 98' Jetta GLX 144,000. It still has the origianl clutch, the brakes where changed at 123,00 or so, just becauwe i wanted to..they still had time left on the inspection, said, lets change em...just so I can forget about em for the next 100,000 miles....the car is still tight, handles like it's on rails...nice heated leather seats, I have NEVER ever been stranded by teh cars, not starting or anything, oh, once the headlight did burn out, and YES it was a PHILIPS lamp. I have 3 friends, who had Japanese cars, upper end ones also, Acura etc...they all three traded in to an AUDI, on my recomendation, A6 and A4's...they never regret it, they have said many times, once you go GERMAN, you NEVER go back to a tinny Japanese car. The Acura is junk next to an A6..the A4 so imopressed the people, they never even considered an Audi till I suggested they try it, you will be sold, he was instantly, and these people buy new vehicles every 3 years. He was so impressed with the QUATTRO 4 wheel system He tried to make it slip and slide in the rain, he couldn't....

    • Man. Your are a sick fool! What a absurt lecherousness; Stop harressing me!. This e-mail send by mr Jake to my adress. Everyone should it i've reported you to Yahoo.

      "(me)Jake is having a boner fantasing of a Philips sonicare Advance Toothbrush with Soft Grip. The hairy brush released on the place in my mouth, taking the soft grip and forced the knot inside my mouth. The toothbrush machine started to let out several strong ultra sonic jets with white creamy tooth paste. Yeb There was so much of it cause Jake likes it. As the brush did his work it reached down and began to stroke massage my tong. Oh what an oral pleasure for Mr Jake. The mouth was clean, and loaded full with white cream. so i took the powerfull machine out of my mouth. Now its time for down under,... enough room "

    • Well, I see that Mr. Fart and his crony are harassing the Sony board once again (you have to know the history of these two; drxxl and bozo the clown broke up a while back. Seems like Fart wanted to trade places from catcher to pitcher and drxxl just wants to pitch all the time).

      Did you guys make kissy kissy? Drxxl, did fart use that pepper grinder of his on you? Did you like it?

      Has Lips gotten out of the black yet? Don't ask me I am unable to read the charts. My light burned out and Philips wouldn't replace it under it's warranty!

    • I really am for calling you stupid., good LUCK with your sne investments.

    • drsxxl, congrats on proving you're a profane jerk. Your spamming this board is a waste. Go home with fafa.

    • No you said: "Mercedes is a Chrysler, HA! " HA exclamation point!, Very typical usage of language of a rebelious (pre)teenager. You really are a STUPID f*&ck^, not able to comprehend clear facts, let alone understand 'subtile' nuances between: 1) divisions, 2) brands, 3) products, 4) coorporations, 5) stock investment. mr couch patato like the Sony brand for its cool movies like x-men2, and ricky lake on daytime television, thats Ok with me. But regardless whether you invest in SNE or not, anyone bright enough would agree that you are a DUMB and very STUPID person.

      info: not for you: Chrysler cars are more reliable (less defective) since the germans took over in 1998. DaimlerC owns a 37% stake in Mitsubishi. Anyone would see subtile nuances between the VW acquired brands: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and a simple VW. Mazda , Volvo are aquired by Ford corp. Nissan is owned by Renault. Not all Japanese brands are japanese. same for european, american.

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