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  • Jake_Schmitz Jake_Schmitz Jan 13, 2004 6:43 PM Flag


    This is another reason why none of you should believe anything FART has to say.....remember all of his rumblings about how LIPS leads the world in patents? Well......check out this article:

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    • AND the Trintron was based on a PHILIPS invetnion, single gun crt. What else? NOW it's LCoS, all else is obsoleted by the PHILIPS single engine invention. Philips is also the leader in commercial tv mkt for hotels etc. ITV div. Smart card tv programing for ITV mkt. My 2 27" 32" pro sets from Philips have been FLAWLESS.

    • You're forgetting DVD recorders - Global Leader!, professional/consumer Dental care (sonicare)- Global leader!, check the new cool Portable sports electronics Nike/Philips. High power Light Emitting Diodes LEDs, $ 400 UHP lamps in Beamers and rear projection Tvs (90% marketshare), Philips has some other business too, a 25% stake TSMC the world's largest semiconductor foundry $45BLN marketcap!. A Jointventure with TSMC. Over $ 10 BlN worth of aquisitions past 4 years In Medical systems.

      Sony is absent/diminished in all of these high growth, high value segments. Sony WAS a leader in CRTs. Remember Trinitron WEGA Tvs back in the '80s? Remember Sony walkmans?. CRTs and cassette-tape is history so is Sony. If you believe in the power of playstation, buy the gamedevelopers.

    • What? Philips is #1 lighting company in the world, number one small appliances, (Norelco/Philips), #2 medical imaging. Semi #9, it's notasony. Honda has a much cooler robot, than the Sony toys. Philips biggest maker of LCd, Sony don't make LCD, Philips #1 color crt, Sony is closing factories.

    • You're missing the point - Philips is hardly a leader (market share = $$$) in any of these product categories. So for the last fucking time, go somewhere else to plug PHG. Nobody here gives a fuck. Everybody here is an investor in SNE, hence we want to talk about SNE, not Philips. If we wanted to talk about Philips, we'd go to the PHG board, which this isn't. Are you fucking stupid, thick, retarded, mentally handicapped, stoned, a cocaine baby? Are you getting the point yet? Fuck off somewhere else.

    • <IBM was far ahead of the number two firm, Canon (NYSE: CAJ - news), which had 1,893 last year. All the top 10 spots were held by companies that make I.T. products; together, those firms acquired 18,121 patents. Besides IBM and Canon, the group includes Hitachi (NYSE: HIT - news), Matsushita, Hewlett-Packard, Micron Technology (NYSE: MU - news), Intel (Nasdaq: INTC - news), Philips (NYSE: PHG - news), Samsung and Sony (NYSE: SNE - news). Intel jumped up from 15th place in 2002.>

      I thought someone said that Samsung was a Loser. Not a bad position for Samsung. Don't get me wrong, Sony is a strong brand name. But facts are facts, Samsung has come a long way and is here to stay.

    • For 2 years in a row, #1 in patents yupper. tehre are only about 12 companies in teh world, with large patent pofolios like PHG, IBM is among them as is Canon. PHG research will be the largest private lab, with about 8400 people. in electronics, materials,lighitng, medical imagaing, software, everything they inveent.


      Check the World list.

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