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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jan 21, 2004 7:53 AM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    Philips LCoS is the best design. single engine rather than 3 for the primary colors (3). It's notasony. Looks like frank is RIGHT, up over $41 cool. Pioneer electronics is building a factory in the U.S. for tv production. Whose's components does Pioneer source from PHG? SNE? Pioneer is usually less expensive than SNE for similar quality

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    • >> Pioneer is usually less expensive than SNE for similar quality <<

      You don't live in the USA do you? Pioneer is to Sony what Mercedes is to BMW. They have a higher price point and higher level of quality, but most importantly they cater to a completely different market segment than most of SNY�s products. College kids, small families, and young professionals who want a nice system buy Sony. Lawyers, doctors, and older professionals are more of Pioneer�s bread and butter. Who do you think caters to a bigger market? That�s right SNY � they more than make up for the price differential in the volume of sales. That�s business 101, and probably part of the reason Pioneer has a 5.34B cap and SNE has a 37.94B cap.

      SNE is a classic opportunity Buy right now. A lot of investors only start buying companies when they are soaring successes. The problem is that the stock price is usually correspondingly soaring. Look down the road 2-5 years, SNE isn�t going anywhere and you can be damn sure the price won�t be at these low levels for years to come. I mean come on, SNE at $24 a share was a no brainier. SNE at $40 is still a no brainier. Complain about the PE all you want, but I recommend you look at the PE trend over time. It�s the simple economics of price cycles and trends.

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