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  • quesadillla quesadillla Jan 21, 2004 11:15 AM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    [Tired technology apologist statements ignored]

    >>The Brand's REPUTATION, hinges on how the
    >>problem is addressed, especially the overall
    >>customer service attitude.
    >>OBVIOUSLY the REPAIR ... surely does
    >>not constitute BAD HANDLING of the problem.

    Really? Well how does getting a call 1 week after my TV was sent to the Sony Authorized Repair center that Sony told me to contact with the message "We're going to return your TV Friday unrepaired because we are no longer a Sony Authorized Service Center" fall into that argument? That's right, Sony tells me to send my TV to XYZ and then XYZ A FREAKING WEEK LATER tells me that they are not an authorized service center any longer?

    Oh, and as a test I called up the Sony line with another problem just to see where they'd recommend I send my device. YUP! They suggested the EXACT SAME PLACE.

    Sony has royally f***ed me in this situation on a $4000 TV and I'm p***ed

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    • LOL, you sure have a difficult explaining
      just what your problem is .

      Your inability to find an Authorized Repair
      Facility means (in your mind, LOL) that
      the Product is poorly designed.

      Not thinking too straight , are you.

      Sell your Sony Stock, LOL. That will sure
      get even with them guys who are against you.

      bye bye.

      • 1 Reply to Old_FAA_Tek
      • Geeze, you closed minded ignorant Sony cheerleader! Rub your eyes and actually read an entire post before waving your pompoms! I'll try to use small easy-to-read sentences with small words:

        1) I bought a $4000 TV from Sony that does not work. The set worked for a few weeks, but no longer has the ability to turn on.

        2) This is a common problem. Every board I've found for this TV have numerous posts for this exact same problem. This specific problem seems to out number every other problem by a factor of 10.

        3) Sony specifically tells me use the Sony-Authorized XYZ company to repair my set. A WEEK LATER XYZ tells me that they were no longer an authorized service center and schedules a appointment to return my set unrepaired. Did I mention that Sony told me to use this place?

        4) I called Sony support again and Sony support tells me to use XYZ to repair my set. Let's recap: XYZ is no longer a Sony-authorized service center so why is this multi-billion dollar company still telling me to take my set back to this place?

        5) It's been nearly 2 weeks and I don't think my set's even been worked on yet.

        You ignorant cheerleaders can close your mind as tight as you want (I've heard wonderful things about the state of ignorance - FAA? Haha, doesn't that make you nothing but a government union employee?) but Sony still sold thousands a defective product and is acting about as clueless as you on getting my TV repaired.

        The moral of the story is; I spent $4000 on a Sony product. In other words, I have lots and lots of money to spend on Sony products. Sony should be doing everything it can to resolve this problem to make potential goldmines like me happy. But noooo, I'd probably get better service if I bought a $50 walkman. The chances of me spending money on a Sony CE device in the future is slim to none. This issue has angered me so much I'll probably avoid their entertainment products too. If you are a monopoly like Microsoft then you have the muscle to screw customers, but a company like Sony has too many competitors to play games like that. You screw enough customers and your customers will take the hint and go elsewhere.

    • For that kind of money you could get the latest and greatest, LCoS single engine PHILIPS. Cineos. an educated consumer is hard to find. checkoput Cineos

      • 1 Reply to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • The Sony name used to mean quality and at the time of my purchase the sets were not exhibiting the problem to any sizable degree so I do consider myself an educated consumer. These were new sets when I ordered mine in November and it often takes weeks to months before the boards give out and fail to light the bulb.

        Any company that things it can survive by screwing the consumers with the money to buy some of their most expensive products can't survive.

        It's too late for me to switch to another brand, but damn it these Grand Wegas are beautiful sets - WHEN THEY WORK.

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