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  • quesadillla quesadillla Jan 25, 2004 10:02 PM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    You won't get any argument out of me on the picture quality... well at least when the picture isn't a giant black rectangle. I saw a display containing a Grand Wega LCD projection, a plasma, and a LCD panel of roughly the same size and I was impressed on how good the image looked on the LCD projection. It didn't even suffer from the highly-reflective screen of the plasma.

    Sony has dropped the ball big time on this set. You shouldn't screw customers who are willing to spend between $2600 - $4000 on 1 item belonging to this series of televisions. We are all going to rememeber how Sony was willing to put defective product out in the stores so they wouldn't miss the Christmas shopping season. Next time I buy a new DVD player, walkman, video camera, console video game, CD player, or anything I know for sure it will not be a Sony.

    If it was just a defective product I might be able to forgive them, but their handling of this problem has been a disaster. It's been nearly 2 weeks since it was picked up (longer if you include the time I spent with customer service on the phone) and I both without my TV and without my $4000.

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