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  • quesadillla quesadillla Jan 25, 2004 10:22 PM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    >>Are you saying that Sony Picked up your
    >>4,000 US deflated dollar set and delivered
    >>it to ZYZ Non-Authorized service center.

    Not quite. I called Sony. Sony confirms that my problem requires repair and tells me that "XYZ" is my closest Sony Authorized repair center. I called "XYZ" and they came and took my TV. 5 days later I called to get an update and they tell me that they are ordering a new lamp housing unit. Everything's A-OK at this point. 2 days later I get a call from "XYZ" telling me that they're no longer a Sony authorized service center and that they are going to return my set because they are no longer a Sony authorized service center. How that happened, I have no idea and the person on the phone at "XYZ" either couldn't or wouldn't elaborate. P*ssed, I called the service line again just to see where they'd recommend I send something in for repair and they STILL told me to use "XYZ".

    The bulb lighting problem is VERY common. Go to and enter GWIII and you'll definately find the threads. Go to or even if you don't believe me. You'll also notice that reports of the problem seemed to explode in December - January which reflects the delayed nature of the bug. BTW, you might wonder why I didn't suggest, but go there and look for the Grand Wega sets. They have the CRT, LCD panel and plasma wegas but no Grand Wega LCD projection sets. Why? I was told by BestBuy just yesterday that they no longer carry it because of the defects, but I'm just a troll so I'm sure there's a better pro-Sony excuse why this is.

    I spent $4000 on a TV. It's my guess that Sony crossed their fingers and hoped for the best so that they wouldn't screw up their Christmas selling season. I want the working TV that I paid for -NOW- When defects pop up I expect not to be screwed around like this. Sony is a d*mn fool for screwing around with customers that are willing to put down $4000 for a single piece of equipment. You as a sharesholder should not be happy that Sony is gleefully sending customers like me to other companies.

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