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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Aug 27, 2004 9:54 AM Flag

    My expert view is......

    Sony will be out of the tv business, or sell it off in a merger with say Thomson? sony is fading every six months, they are a has been operation, there is nothing new coming from them. they are a comodity maker of CE products, if ya don't own the patents and just make the stuff invented by others, it's fade time. Whereas PHG owns the patents, invents the future. that's a BIG difference in companaies.

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    • ...worthless fafa, worthless. XBR is hot. Go check them out at CC or BB. XBR's are gorgeous and blow away phg's crappola.

    • I think Germany is a bigger investor in U.S. now than Japan, Dutch may well be ahead of Japan , on par with Germany, England is still #1. Japan investemnt flops//Rockefeller Center N.Y. Mitsubishi Real Estate, they buy it, some years later sell it for LESS than they paid!! Back to the Rockerfella Trust!! No wonder Rockerfellas are rich..out smarted Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Cars are in deep do do..CEO arrested for knowingly producing DEFECTIVE cars, it killed one in Japan, that clinched it...they LIED about resolving the defects for years. MC also bought into picture companies, a total disaster. The Dutch founded Manhattan. The world's largest seaaport is Rotterdam...the Netherlands. Famous artists Van Gogh, amongst others. Philips Trust set up before WW2, to protect assets against Nazi takeover, became a business plan that was taught in all U.S. business schools of business, it was a unique plan, implemented by Philips in teh early 1930's, teh trust has been disolved, N.V Philips took back full ownship of U.S. Philips companies

    • The dutch respect US gay tourist, so they can have their time of their life in amsterdam. But no worries dutch are real man, and do make real manly products like Norelco shavers (Philips, Shell and penzoil Gazoline Motoroil and gay lubrication products, check out Transamaerica insurances , Heineken beer, 2nd largest sigar producer, charts and AcnielsonNetrating, etc . etc. cheep porn movies with blonde chicks, Chemical drugs. too bad.. you name it's all dutch . Through is minority stakes, and Technological assistence in a douzen of Chinese and taiwanese CE companies Philips is partly responsible for the U.S Chinese trade dept. Back in the 70's-80s Philips Lawyers assisted Chinese Communistic regime to redesign the laws regarding foreign ownership... 21th Century will be the end of U.S as a worldpower, and beginning of Chinese supremacy.

      Netherlands is the third-largest direct investor in the United States, behind the United Kingdom and Japan.

      With it's 16 mln citizens The netherlands is world's leading aid donor. The Dutch rank as the sixth largest donor nation in dollar terms and the most generous relative to GNP. The Dutch are the top donor of assistance to UN humanitarian programs. The Netherlands also is largest net contributor to the European Union. Back in teh Days Dutch Bankers financed the U.S War of independence against Britan.

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    • "Sony will be out of the tv business, or sell it off in a merger with say Thomson? sony is fading every six months"

      That statement proves that you are an absoloute moron (and I don't usually bash people) and know squat about the CE business!!!

      • 1 Reply to just_lurking_about
      • Right. It's a comodity business, like T-8 lamps. So little profit from actually producing the items. the patents on the technolgy are the money. as Chinese and Korean makers flood the world with products, using low cost production sites, there is no way Sony, MC will compete...PHG knew this years ago, they are always ahead of the curve..they outsource the actual making of the sets, they make the money on all the PHG patents indside of everybody's tv's, no matter who makes em. Philips had giant factory in Tenn, sold off the comples to 3 rivers electronics, they outsourced production to. slick way of avoiding costs of sites, yet have control over the products. The mfg survives by building sets for many different names. Like computers have become a comodity product, low profits, DELL kicks everyones ass by being the efficent maker and distributor. they invent nothing, they buy assys from the likes of Philips(monitors, optical drives etc.) There is no point in buying an over priced tv, just cus it says Sony up is meaningless. Read teh article, it's a low barely profiable is fading like an old crt...fade fade fade, till ya can't see it anymore. Thomson, maker of the RCA/GE labeled stuff here, teamed with a chinese tv maker to be the world's largest maker of tv's. Even they needed to outsource, and get the cheap costs to make low profit items. Philips was the world's biggest maker of tv's for decades, they are always ahead of the curve. Sne sold off it's music business, needed BMG to bail it out. Each div will need help, even teh game div is not doing so good. Samsung and LG are moving into comodity CE products in a big move, when the Chinese brands appear in soem years, look out. We already have Apex (PHG sued them for patent infringment on optical stuff, they paid like $100 Million, or else, no can sell here). Listen to the Flunky.

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