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  • ysageev ysageev Mar 29, 2005 10:13 AM Flag

    Gay-ass force-feedback joystick? Please

    <<You might have dicovered Post-it notes in your basement too, but you didn't.>>

    Show me the patent for post-it notes.

    If you find it, explain to me why the the patent should have been awarded when a) paper had invented and b) the adhesive was already in production.

    Don't lecture people on the utility of patents. That's not the point. The point is whether the patent should stand.

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    • the point is you probably don't understand anything about the nature of vibration amplitude,spectrum frequency content, as well as resonance. Give me a break, I do understand how complex there patents can be, now go sweep those floors boy.

    • 3-M had their patent for seven years on Post it notes, just as Velcro was patented for seven years. You must be on welfare, getting paid for something you don't produce!

      Your view is that nobody owns anything and it's all there for the taking. The patent was issued at the US patent office, not to be reviewed after the fact of infringement. tell a sleeping friend

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