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  • truthspeaker11 truthspeaker11 Jul 21, 2005 1:22 AM Flag


    Even an archaelogists pronounced that Japs'ancestor are the Korean based on archaelogical study.
    Just like Japs tampering with school text books history, Japs doesn't want the world to find out their horrendous crime to own ancestor,Korean. Japan has too many skeletons in their closet that they are scare of get exposed their hollow identity.

    The emperor's roots

    The Japanese emperor has finally laid to rest rumours that he has Korean blood, by admitting that it is true,

    "I, on my part, feel a certain kinship with Korea, given the fact that it is recorded in the Chronicles of Japan that the mother of Emperor Kammu was of the line of King Muryong of Paekche," he told reporters.

    Kammu, reigned Japan from 781 to 806 AD, while Muryong ruled the Paekche Kingdom in Korea from 501 to 523 AD.

    He was quoting historical records, it is the first time that an emperor has publicly lauded the Korean blood in the imperial line.

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    • Oh great... 2-3000 years of conning and occupation of japan by evil koreans (all of who are decendent of some other region) and lots were decendent of mangoria/china 3000+ years ago.

      And basically korean occupation DID NOT occur at all. Lots of those who were responsible were KOREANS who were occupying japan for 2-3000 years. So evil korean repatiated back.

      But of course america is occupied by decendent of evil whites past few hundred years and i can guarentee that it will not given back to indians.

    • when they settle the video game patent infringement with immersion.

    • Speak for yourass you are a stupid racist bigot who ignors truth history and science and common sense. You are a mean sprited evil who enjoys other peoples misfortune with senile repeative craps on Korean war so what is your point laughable ass? How many country stand up to Korea's success(3rd biggest in Asia and 9 largest in the world)after that went thru so many wars more than half century ago?
      Tell me what is your racial back ground and nationality, lets exlpore your cowardic ass now

    • "Oh is that why you ignorant ah@le desperate to under cutting on Korea ? SO WHAT U FKING WAR CIMINAL THIEVES?"

      Idiot... evil emperor of japan is decendent of KOREAN.... So evil korean has been occupying japan for around 1700-2900 years.

    • You are the racist bigot who ignors history and science and common sense. Korea was over thrown over and over and only way race is pure is due to fact that they are HUMAN. lol

    • I can spell "first" FURST, right?

    • What the hell are you talking about? Chill out fool.

    • This ignorant dumb@ss need to learn english and learn to spell first and next go back to shcool learn a proper history on Asia!

      He/she is either byprodut of Japs who brought by learning their fake history or an ignorant Euro peasan.

    • >Koreans had lots "confort woman" over thousands of years to believe NONE had kids from chinese/mangorian/japanese rulers are stupid.<<

      LOL, You are one stupid ignorant lying assH@le,
      with lousy english and wrong spelling, go learn how to spell first !
      you are nothing but one ignorant bitter peasan, comfort woman over thousands of year? more number of Chinese woman had went thru by the subhuman animal-Japs during 1940' but you are meat slaping liar it wasn't thousand year, i think those historian gona laugh at your ass.
      STFU !

    • ------------------
      You are a bigger stupid idiot, shut up
      Should i believe a skewed view internet moron like you or Archaelogist's words? Korean are known to most genophobia nation traditionally
      so shut up your shining ignorance on Korean.

      >>who happens to be ran over by other countries over and over... and thinks were PURE still.<<

      Oh is that why you ignorant ah@le desperate to under cutting on Korea ? SO WHAT U FKING WAR CIMINAL THIEVES? What wars has to do with maintaing racial purity of Korean?

      Despite of past wars, S.Korea is world's 9TH biggest economy and Asia's 3RD biggest.
      Unless you've been to S.Korea you are nothing more than a blind descrbing an elephant.

      I believe he/she makes some valid points.

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