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  • sql1433 sql1433 Dec 25, 2005 10:53 PM Flag

    200 million PS3 units in 5 years

    Expect a wave of old return traders from 2000 PS2 release to be bagging and holding this stock for PS3. 2006 marks a new era for CELL for the next five years with PS3 and BlueRay leading the way. Get in now.


    Researcher Envisioneering Group estimates that Sony's Playstation 3 console will outperform its current generation system to sell 200 million units in five years. The next Playstation, due out in 2006, will feature the IBM / Toshiba / Sony-developed Cell processor and high-definition DVD Blu-ray disc playback. Sony announced in Nov. that the Playstation 2 has shipped 100 million units in five years to become the top-selling console worldwide. Analysts have high hopes for the PS3 which will tie in Sony's electronics, movie, music, and games divisions into a multi-function device similar to the company's PSP handheld entertainment system.

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    • Do yourself a favor-think dictionary-you have an idle brain. If you don't know how to spell tobacco, at least look it up before showing your ignorance.

      Don't know where the philanthropist comment came from, but don't care. Was impressed you could use it correctly in a complete sentence. I respect every person's opinion, even those with which I strongly disagree, so long as they are sincere opinions that are not hateful or hurtful, and they do not intentionally deceive others. Something I call integrity-look it up, you've never seen it before, especially in a mirror.

      I am not your average reader, regardless of how you use the term-especially if you consider yourself the average poster or investor. Your standards are much too low.

      So enlighten me, bright eyes. You invest to make money. How well do you believe sne will be doing when both the 2 and 3 are enjoined? Let's see how you define success within those parameters. Regards

    • You think you are philanthropist, lol. We all know you don�t respect people�s opinion, more little look down. You might want to look yourself in the mirror and see that you�re not so big. You're inconsideration of others is me, me me. e.g. you would make the bank teller wait on you by not making out a transaction form. Ill regard of others behind you when the teller must serve others in a short period of time.

      FYI, the average reader would of read back 2 month before asking that question. In short, we have different opinions of SNE success. I invest to make money. You, I dont care.

      Do yourself a favor - think tobbaco, you have idle time.

    • preadapted
      Think tobbaco companys! Not to worry.

    • You owe me a drink, see you at Abbys or NAS OC club.

      carry on.

    • They are appealing and they look terrible. Pretty good chance they bribed a witness to lie about the patents they are infringing on.

      I suggest you folks take a look at this case.

    • Sherwin Williams would be proud.

    • <EOM>

    • Hey Salty, it looks like Sony lost the case but is appealing.

    • You, my friend, are not a very deep or logical thinker. And you should define how you use the term "launch". I believe sne counts the PS3 as among its core, flagship products, does it not? Launch and delivery are not synonymous, and if you sincerely believe immersion litigation would have no impact on the launch or success of the 3, you should seriously discuss the topic of injunctive relief with an attorney friend. On the other hand, if you are so confident in your position, don't talk to anyone who knows more than you and remain fat, dumb and happy. Your eyes will be opened shortly whether or not you seek wisdom from others with more than a room-temperature IQ.

    • You are hammering away mindlessly about how well sne is doing and how well the PS3 will do. You seem like a very intelligent poster. A rare quality in someone who supports sne. Let's start of with a simple query. Are you comfortable with sne's position in the current litigation with immersion?

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