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  • greenspan03 greenspan03 Jul 12, 2007 2:20 PM Flag

    iPhone, iPod: shame on Sony

    Sony with ten of thousands of engineers, could not come
    up with a phone that people wants. Sony MP3 players are
    a joke.

    Apple iPhone probably designed by only a dozen engineers.
    Apple has never been in phone business, yet it gets it on
    first try.
    There is no new technology, just what people want: small,
    sleek, do everything, easy to use.

    Wake up Sony. If innovation is not a trait, immitation may help.

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    • LMFAO

      Boy - I did hit a note.


      What shelters you from you the elements. Want a clue?

    • for the crappy graphics of wii, I opted to stay with GC, soz it's my preference.

      I will sell Nintendo once HOME starts.

    • SMILES >>>> Pouring Captain Morgan into Pepsi. Ahhhh.

      When HOME strikes this fall, you will be saying HOLD to strong buy, IMHO, there maybe fee for using HOME, but I dont see more than 5 dollars month 3.95 to 4.95; not saying Sony is charging for Home but a moderate 5 dollars a month charge on HOME can turn Sony around to reduce the cost of PS3 and put PS3 in the Black to make a new PS3 version for 65 / 45nm CELL die.

      I am betting on Home, HOME has the potential to deliver media content, who knows you may see the next movie release exclusively just for HOME, Spiderman 4???

      As for the 600 concern, do you know how many house items cost 600 buck, cough, Dyson vacuum, ipods video, ipods phones, weekend at the lake to gas up boat. Believe me, Get a xbox360 fan boy not to buy 10 games, he / she will have PS3 easy.

      Xbox360 and Nintendo is a fad - PS3 on top soon. Enjoy your wii balance board. LMFAO. I still have game cube, way better than wii.

    • ok good point, i dont think you will want me to say, People who can afford BMW will drive bmw. Yeah, 400 would be nice we cant do that unitl install base get out enough to cover that low.

      We will see how home brings in the revs, numbers will look good.

    • Apples and Oranges, depends how you see the context. I just simply added I agree PS2 titles are still selling and yes still good for kids under 16 years old ~ so PS2 isnt out yet and his context well said enough.

      Im betting the farm on HOME. I have some new for you, the reaction for WII balance board are for things to come, DULL.

      Soon those WII base will soon own PS3. PS3 will be the hottest item for XMAS. you will see.

    • You dont own a iphone, you know how many recalls for the iphone?

      That much you can buy a PS3 or two xbox360s and ppl biach about the cost of PS3.

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      • I have an iPhone. Works like a champ. Had a problem, called Apple's 800 number and spoke with someone in Austin. He set me straight in 5 minutes.

        I have a Sony camcorder that I had to buy at the last minute when my wife was 9 months pregnant. It was $600 and while it looks good and works ok, it is not user friendly when it comes to loading to computer.

        Will probably by the new $150 flip camcorder.

      • People bitch about the PS3 price because it's way too high. $600 for a game machine is ridiculous. The 360 isn't much better, but it is better.

        Sony really screwed up my trying to force Blu-Ray down our throats. They should have made it an optional peripheral, like XBOX.


    • I find that all Sony products are total trash.

    • What helped AAPL was iTunes. Without iTunes and $.99 tracks, iPod probably would not have done nearly as well.


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