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  • jgf8u jgf8u Apr 8, 2008 4:41 PM Flag

    in @ 40.45 today for 1000 shares !!

    go sne !!!

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    • Nintendo Rocks. But what does that have to do w/ sony riping ass this year on PS3 sales due to new kick ass games?

      They aren't mutually exclusive ya know.

    • I grew up playing games since Atari. I've played my fair share of "Mario". I've played a few games on the Wii and I don't even want one, not even remotely. It's definitely for families and the younger crowd (and chicks).

      PS3 was originally blocked because of price. Now it's blocked because of lack of games. This should be a good year for PS3 if the games are actually released and don't suck (which I doubt they will).

      I think we've only seen the uptick in PS3 sales lately because Blu-Ray won. I've seen many employees directing customers to the PS3 because all their Blu-ray players were sold out (double bonus for Sony). But I doubt if 25% of those people will buy games for it.

      Once the stand alone BRD players get cheaper, the PS3 sales will drop, but by that time, some actual games should be coming out. This is a good timing year for the PS3 if you ask me.

      Still won't buy an over priced, cheaply made Sont LCD. I've done plenty of comparing... It's not worth it. The Sony does look better than most, but only in a store filled with 100 TV's. Once you get it home into your living room, you won't be able to tell the difference. Trust me on this one.


    • PS3 is gonna take over everyone soon. In my humble opinion, the biggest block in PS3 sales has been its lack of good games!

      Sure it has the sports games. But its good action library is limited. With releases like GTA 4 and Metal gear this year, the dynamic will shift, and those gamers with a more ADULT taste will pull the trigger on PS3.

    • I disagree. Sony TV's may be higher priced than cheaper branded TV's, but you get what you pay for. The last consumer reports magazine had Sony LCD's ranked at the top in nearly every category.

      Cameras, it's tough to beat a Sony Digital Camera, or even video camera. I have not shopped the prices recently, so I can't give a fair opinion on that.

      As for the PS3. $400 IS NOT "way overpriced" in comparison to it's competition (xbox). What does the xbox cost? $300? When you take into consideration that the PS3 is also an upgradeable (via internet) Blu Ray player, it's really the best deal in town. Not to mention the failure rate of microsofts system is downright scary.

      Not trying to start a war, just offering my opinion.

    • well, to tell the truth, i got in one sony options due to the PS3.... ( and no i don't own one)

      however, the cost of production for the PS3 has dropped by half so that instead of losing $300 or more per PS3 sold, sony is now more or less breaking even for each unit sold (this gives them the option of dropping the price of the PS3, though unlikely).

      next, blu-ray has beat out hd-dvd and mostly due to the PS3 install base. This gives further reason for gamers to go with an PS3 in addition / instead of the XBOX360/Wii.

      PS3 sales have begun to outpace sales of XBOX360 (yeah i know more ppl already have Xbox360, but still = growth)

      also the game industry hasn't slowed down one bit during this recent "recession" (look at GME).

      metal gear solid 4 comes bundled with the PS3 round May/June, which I believe will further spur sales.

      the electronics sector has been doing generally well.

      theONLY thing i'm worry about is the dollar/yen conversion rate.

    • Victory for you brother! Good buy!

    • Wow. I didn't even know it was possible to purchase a partial stock. LOL Is there some way to find out what stocks Sharebuilder trades? SNE is of course one I'm interested in, but do they have a published list somewhere?

    • uh, why not just get options?

    • 40.27 for me. No brainer.

    • It's been bouncing off of 40 on a regular basis... you can probably sell for 43 within a week.


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