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  • welfarekh0r welfarekh0r May 6, 2009 1:33 AM Flag

    What Apple's offerings mean to the games industry.

    Absolutely nothing. Ok, thats a bit hyperbolic. But lets examine, because it does mean something. Iphone/Touch at the moment is no competitor to PSP or DS. The average PSP and DS owner doesn't have the money or savy to buy another handheld and dedicate it to gaming if they have a PSP or DS. A majority of games on the Apple platforms are unplayable, uncontrollable, and garbage. This stems from the controls, the first thing a game has to have before the graphics, story, gameplay, risks and rewards, is the control and seamless interactivity, of which Apple's platforms thus far do not have. Next the demographic that buys games on Apple platforms are not an overlapping demographic that buys games on PSP or DS. Apple's demographic are the type of people who sit in front of a mirror while they are playing a game, with 1 eye to the mirror and 1 eye to the game that they cant properly control.

    The biggest impact Apple's current handheld/phone hybrid offerings will have are increasing the user base for PSP and DS, which are platforms for the advanced gamer who actually enjoys the medium and will invest real money into the medium. So think of Apple's handheld as nothing more than a preschool, stepping stone, bridge, halloween bag waiting to be taken. So while Apple has gotten into the games industry, its offerings are'nt competing with neither PSP nor DS, and is doing a better job at getting severly novice gamers into the hands of Sony and Nintendo, and getting pretentious 30 year olds to get deeper into gaming, which helps grow Sony's and Nintendo's marketshare in the long run. So Sony and Nintendo should be offering free manufacturing of Apple's gaming products, since they will bring in the last remaining demographic, to the gaming industry table.

    A full Apple Gaming Console would greatly slow down the next Microsoft Xbox platform chance of success. The Xbox currently is the ignorant consumers go to console. For one Microsoft spends a lot on marketing, and an Xbox is only $199.99. If Apple comes into the market, that ignorant consumer wont pick up an Xbox anymore, they will pick up an Apple product instead, dropping interest in the Xbox greatly. So if Apple were to bring out a console, it only compete with the current Xbox demographic of trailer park kids who buy shoes from Payless instead of Foot Locker and ignorant people. Apple might bring out the pretentious label whore techno geek, which would give it an advantage over the Xbox.

    The savy casual and the hardcore gamer who buy games hand over fist will be maintained by Sony and Nintendo. The industry will grow greatly over the next 5-10 years.

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    • You are dead wrong. The console will go the way of the dodo bird. No more format royalties and direct to consumer

    • I'm not a fanboy... I just don't like the way Sony does business.

      Sony creates all these proprietary formats instead of creating standardized formats... Ie Beta, Sony Stick, rootkits, and most of all, Blu-Ray... the list goes on an on.

      Instead of a $600 PS3 as launch, what if the price was $375, but it did not include a BR player (and of course, the games were not BR)? I bet Sony would be way ahead of the 360. But instead, Sony decided to shove its BR technology down the consumers throat, at the consumers expense. If there were no BR, PS3's would probably be $200 or less right now.

      Sony Stick? Whats wrong with Compact Flash or Secure Digital?

      Beta Max? Whats wrong with VHS?

      RootKit? Well, we all know whats wrong with that.

      PS3 outselling 360? I don't really care who's outselling who, but I don't know where you get your information... Take a look at the Worldwide Consoles Sales chart (non-cumulative, 1/09-current ). It looks like PS3 may have outsold 360 2, maybe 3 weeks out of 18 weeks (game releases?)?®1=All&cons2=PS3®2=All&cons3=X360®3=All&start=39817&end=39936

      You could also go as far as looking at the Hardware/Software attach rate. Worldwide, the 360 dominates... What this means is that people buy more games for the 360 than any other console.
      360 - 7.54
      Wii - 5.98
      PS3 - 5.94

      17 Million XBOX Live users? That's only 5 million less than the TOTAL number of PS3's sold WorldWide. Yeah...XBOX Live must really suck so bad that people actually pay for it.


    • You're right, we won't agree. But how do you explain PS3s far out selling 360s in recent months?

      PSN doesn't suck as much as you make it seem and wireless doesn't lag either.I know because I use both. Besides sony will be making a major announcement to improve PSN.

      I start to think you're a fanboy that wont even give the PS3 a chance, so my challenge to you is to try it out and see...

      I've had a ps3 for about 5 months now, & the only time i turned my xbox on since then was to cancel my live subscription. I want to sell it on ebay, but apparently people know how worthless the thing is :(

    • Obviously, we'll never agree on this subject.

      You should take look at the PS3 vs. 360 battery life chart on this page... Two AA batteries last much longer than the PS3 controller.

      Like I said, you don't have to buy MSFT rechargeables... You can use standard AA rechargeables... and they last a LONG TIME. What happens to the PS3 controller when the battery loses it's recharge life... I bet you're going to wish to had replaceable batteries... $50 for a new controller.

      XBOX live is definitely a service... You don't have to purchase it, but it has become a nice standard for playing multiplayer...

      Xbox 360: 28M Sold WW | Xbox LIVE: 17M Subscribers, Majority Gold:

      Wow. 17 million XBOX Live subscribers... They must all be out of their minds.

      Wireless? Most people prefer it? I like a solid connection when I'm playing games online... LAG is a game sucks....and wireless connections tend to LAG a lot more than hard wired (especially if you use WEP security). One again, a wireless 360 adapter can be purchased for $80, not $125.

      $199 for an Arcade 360? I bet most people don't "need" wireless or BR players in their gaming console. Plus, 360 has a lot more games to choose from than PS3. If you purchased a PS3, you're paying for the battery, wireless & BR player whether you use it or not... how is that a good thing? It's not. I'd rather have a choice.

      ...also keep in mind that a lot of people paid $600 for their new PS3's too... I think people are smarter for buying a 360... They realize there are a lot more games available, there are a lot more people to play with online, plus, they are 1/2 the price of a PS3.


    • What a load of fanboy crap. If apple seriously enters the portable gaming shootout the only cadaver to be pulled is the PSP.
      I hope you are no seriously investing in SNE based on blind gaming fanboy crap.

    • You are right about 1 thing, xbox 360 is pure garbage thanks to greedy microsoft execs

    • You want to read something rambling, incoherent and absolutely ludicrous... re-reread your post. Another waste of Yahoo disk space. A lot of "if's" and "fortune telling" in your posts... Where do you get your information?


    • by the way OnLive is a TRAP.

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