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  • stockwoodie stockwoodie Sep 18, 2009 11:57 AM Flag

    why is sony debranding playstation?

    Of course... XBOX Live has had streaming movies/tv too... But what Sony doesn't have is streaming movies through NETFLIX. You pay per movie (unless free)... I pay a monthly subscription and get UNLIMITED movie download through NETFLIX for "free". If you say, "no big deal to that," you are truly an idiot. That's huge and Sony knows it.

    ...coming soon to a 360 near you.
    Netflix instant queue (already got it)
    1080p instant downloads
    Facebook integration
    Twitter integration
    iPhone apps integration
    ...I always hope for this one, but I doubt it's coming this generation - built in DVR.

    The PS3 doesn't even compare to what the 360 offers... The PS3 has "built in wireless" and "blu-ray" and free PSN (which nobody would rightfully pay for). Whooppee... that's not going to do the trick (as we've seen from sales). PS3 will probably outsell this 360 this season because of the price cut, but I would expect another price cut from MSFT early next year to bring in the reins.

    Yea... because I'm worried about $50 (I piss $50's). LOL. I simply chose the better system.


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