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  • small_town_chicago small_town_chicago Feb 12, 2011 9:32 PM Flag

    Sony vs Samsung

    My brother bought two flat screen TVs last year, a new 3D 55" Samsung to replace his old-old Sony in the family room and a new 46" Sony for his bedroom. He bought the Sony last summer and the Samsung this past Christmas. Two weeks ago the new Samsung went out on him prematurely, the Technician came over and replaced a flat retangular piece in the back side of the TV, no one knew what that flat retangular piece was. This is his first Samsung and I bet his last. Samsung may have attractive products, but for quality wise, Sony made better products than Samsung.

    I wish you guys good luck with your stock.

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    • Samsung is the new Sony.

      Sony is company slowly rotting at it's core. Hasn't been a market leader for any of it's products, nor has it been a beacon of innovation and cutting edge technology for quite sometime now.

      It's movie and music industry is in a dump and it has lost it's lead in the gaming industry and now dead 3rd.

      A smaller company like Nintendo now has a larger market cap than Sony.

      The only thing I own from Sony is a PS3 for blueray. Every other electronic in my house is from Samsung (Phone, TV, Reciever, speakers...)

      If you had bought Samsung shares couple of years ago, you have made tons of money while if you had bought Sony, you have lost money.

      I don't understand why people still cling on dead companies that are run by uncreative arrogant executives.

    • So what? Samsung is absolutely running away with the field. Check out Amazon and look at the listing (changes hourly) of the best-selling TV sets. If you find a Sony even among the top 50 I'd be surprised. What sets aren't being sold by Samsung are being sold by Panasonic, Vizio, LG, and Toshiba. Sony no longer commands the public's interest or trust.

    • i got a samsung 21" monitor and it broke down in 2 years.

    • The only difference here is that Samsung actually came out and fixed the TV. Sony would say "too bad" and you're stuck with a broken TV.

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