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  • irhymeforkuchi irhymeforkuchi Jan 11, 2012 12:57 AM Flag

    The Game Industry Will Grow to 150 Billion

    The Games Industry will grow to 150 Billion a year industry in the next 10-12 Years. From my observation the past twenty years, many people find 3 things as essential to their life, food, oil, and video games. It is an industry that has endless untapped potential, with plenty of innovation and diveristy of product offerings to reach a growing market and demand around the world. Even if the industry stopped innovating, there is still plenty of room to grow. From the poorest of the poor getting their feet wet with free games or sub $10 games, that evolve into buyers of AAA games as they release, to the rich kids that buy 25 to 30 new game experiences upon release in each console generation. The video game industry is still far behind the film industry as far as games reaching its audience, as video game marketing is probably 5-10% that of film or tv show marketing, both in visible ads and the amount of money spent, and the breadth of marketing campaigns. Only 3 out of 30 Video Games get any sort of meaningful marketing campaign, and those are your tried and tested products like Call of Duty or Madden NFL.

    Aside from that, gamers are starting at the young age of 3-4, playing on PSP, Vita, DS, iOS platforms, and these kids will be the future gamers of console and PC games, primarily console. The competitive end of the games industry as a sport continues to grow, a sign of interest from people for games as a passive vicarious spectator experience that they have always been in homes. And kids who grew up in the Nintendo generation or Playstation 1 and now are parents of 5-6 year old kids, are very open to letting their kids play video games and support the next generation of gamers, at perhaps a younger age than the first generation of gamers started. In the next 5 years you will see Parents who were once hardcore gamers as kids, competing or playing games with their kids, which will intice 'grown up' gamers into video game experiences well into older ages than ever before. 150 Billion in 10-12 years is a conservative estimate, the industry is currently 65-70 Billion and growing.

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