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  • investing_for_profits investing_for_profits Mar 21, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    Goldman downgrading Sony to Conviction Sell

    Only conviction Goldman has is to make money for themselves. Why does anybody listen to these people!

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    • I see more than just self-interest and making money here. I feel strong hatred of anything Japanese. Why would Goldman have such anti-japanese feelings is the question that should be answered.

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      • the problem here in a nutshell is "why should SNE have a HIGHER PE Valuation Ratio than APPLE"?

        SNE is LOSING MONEY. Therefore its PE Ratio is INFINITE. Apple's is only 17, or about 1/4 its avg. recent growth rates in Earnings, real low.

        Apple is creating stockholder value and adding to net-worth with no debt, tons of cash piling up as it builds the company's Net Worth. SONY is doing opposite: a. losses piling up, b. adding to its debts, c. decreasing net worth.

        And the big problem for SONY long-term is it has tons of older legions of employees and retirees continuing to suck off its body, just like KODAK that just went bankrupt (but not as bad).

        Until SNE Corp. can jettison most of the older deadwood management and deadwood retirees siphonining off its cash-flow, it can't compete vs. firms like Apple using "contract manufacturing" teen-age labor in China they will never have to pay Pensions for.

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