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  • no_deal_softbank no_deal_softbank Nov 12, 2012 2:13 PM Flag

    Why Wall Street is attacking Sony..

    Sony has $16B in debt while the other companies you listed are cash rich and debt free.

    My kids never seem to ask for a Sony Walkman. They are hung up on Ipods, Ipads, and Iphones instead. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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    • My kids and me want to do many things Sony is producing but that does not seem to be reflected in the share price. Is this manipulation by Wall Street crooks?

    • High share price does not equal "bubble". AMZN is sort of a special case, but GOOG and APPL both, in addition to being debt-free and sitting on lots of cash, have very low PE's and decent growth prospects. One can argue proper valuation, but neither would be considered grossly overvalued, certainly not "bubble" prices.

      SNE on the other hand...well, its ugly. Growth is down, debt is high. Prospects are limited. Shares go down. Then, the shorts jump on board and ride for awhile. Eventually, it will recover a bit and we'll see if they can figure out a way to turn it around. Not too soon, I hope...I'm on the short side, at the moment. I had a bearish option play going on and the options got exercised on a small recovery. So, I ended up short shares...I didn't see any reason to close out the position and I still don't, for the near term.

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      • This is all #$%$. There is nothing to justify more than half trillion dollars market cap for Apple, while SNE market cap is only $10 bilion. I think Wall Street is parking all their money in American companies. We are living in very interesting times and the world order established after WWII is about to change. And my guess is some people do not want Japan to come out of this with a strong economy...

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