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  • joegi50 joegi50 Nov 1, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    SONY: The Falling Giant in the Making

    The TV market is mostly saturated while smartphones and tablets have eroded demand for computer, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders and game players.
    Sony does not have much of a choice 2 years ago, last year, and now. Sony does not need changes but bold moves and transformation and desperately need execution before it is too late.
    Products are future. Stop follow and create your own future. SNE leaders must lives and breathes a vision. For vision to become reality, great leaders anticipate. To anticipate is to be grounded in today’s reality, and look beyond the horizon to envision what is there.
    Cut cost and consolidate the products offers.
    Sell or spin-off divisions with new management. Better survival rate than dying in vein under Sony.
    Restructure from the top: no more lawyer, sales, or bean counters to run company. Willing to take calculated risks. The most sinful action at SNE is not taking risks.
    Don't look back with all the glory keep your eyes ahead the as slaughters continue within the next 3-16 months. There is margin pressure as the market is flooded with competition and choices. SNE management is too busy to see what about to hit them hard.
    There are solutions to every problems. If you are going through Hell, keeps going, stay focus, and execution.
    Few more hard hits and the Giant will be falling on its own weight.

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