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  • DrElec5 DrElec5 Feb 27, 1998 8:50 PM Flag

    The name SONY?

    I heard recently that SONY stood for
    Standard Oil of New York. Rockefeller
    invested in Japan after the war to form SONY Corp. Can anyone confirm this as
    being historically correct? Or can anyone
    explain how the name SONY came about?

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    • I know this is an old thread, but here goes

      I read in an article about naming new companies
      that Sony was simply derived from "SON" which
      coincidentally implies or is related to the word "sound" in many
      different languages, including the Romance languages (Latin
      root) and Japanese.

      The Ying Yang story is just
      silly; the philosophy of Yin and Yang is centuries

      I wouldn't doubt that the American robber barons
      had investments in Tokyo, but I've never heard this--
      all the information I've seen about the large
      Japanese companies is that they grew out of the Japanese
      system of alliances (I forget the Japanese word for it)
      that were rooted in the the samurai

      Interesting topic.


    • The name SONY actually stands for Son of Nu Yang. Nu Yang was an immigrant from the island of Burma, whose family struck it
      big in the offshore oil industry. He was an electrical engineer and wanted to set up a company that his oldest son could take
      over and make it grow. He started the company by making two way radios to talk between oil rigs. His son, Ying, went on to
      develop other electronic devices and thus the start of SONY. To this very day, the name Ying Yang is quite popular and there is a
      symbol that represents the Ying Yang. The symbol is two exact designs intermeshed, but one is white and one is black. This is said
      to represent the initial two way radio system and the way Ying Yang viewed it in possibly helping to some day break down the
      racial barrier. It is said that the symbol is tattooed on the neck of Ying Yang. He resides currently on the island of Kyoto.

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      • I think Sony comes from the combination of two words. Sonus (latin meaning sound) and Sonny meaning little son. I like the name Sony but would vote to change the companies name to Godzilla for the summer.

        This article speeks softly but says quite a bit. I guess I am not the only person in the states who likes the recent price. Sony does alot of business here so maybe we see value different. Also maybe a wise way to participate in a rising yen. At 75 yen to one US dollar it would take 154 or so to buy a share of Sony at the current price. Think I will buy some more.

        Sony Shrs Up 1.8%;Pfts Seen Stable Despite Asia Econ

        TOKYO (Nikkei/Dow Jones)--Shares of Japan's Sony Corp. (SNE or
        6758) are modestly higher Tuesday afternoon on hopes for relatively
        steady earnings performance despite the economic turmoil in Asia, traders

        At 0555 GMT (12:55 a.m. EST), Sony shares were up Y200, or 1.8%, at
        Y11,600 on volume of 1.79 million shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

        Unlike many Japanese leading companies which have been forced by Asian
        economic woes to trim their earnings projections, Sony is expected to post
        stable earnings for the year through March 1998, a trader said.

        Buy orders in the morning were mainly from U.S. securities companies such
        as Merrill Lynch, with 3.88 million shares, Morgan Stanley, with 1.02
        million shares, and Lehman Brothers, with 660,000 shares.

        Some players feel that a correction period following the stock's rise to
        Y12,700 on Jan. 1998, its highest level in the period since January 1997, is
        ending, analysts said.

        With the end of the fiscal year coming, the stock has tended to run into
        profit-taking by domestic corporate investors, as the stock is nearly 30%
        higher than it was in March 1997. However, it is unlikely to fall significantly
        from current levels as the shares have seen support around Y11,000 since
        the beginning of this year, traders said.