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  • STTRDR STTRDR Apr 15, 1998 6:06 PM Flag

    powerdog -- are you listening?

    you seem to be the number one contributer to this site. i suspect you have a long time love affair with sony. questions -- 1) with the coming of the movie "godzilla" which is supposed to be a big buck hit and 2) with the yen trying to go to 140 yen per dollar. when will sony hit $100 per share?

    was just looking for an educated opinion and i figure you , more thn anyone else, was likely to know. thanks!

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    • I've been following IMDS for sime time.
      are scheduled to announce this week their completion
      of Phase 1 trials. Phase 2 is to commence now. IR
      said that they will begin shipping international
      orders once phase 1 was completed. These shipments will
      show up as revenues in the following period. HUGE
      market potential. More specific and accurate than
      traditional mammography. PLUS, no radiation (uses laser
      light) and no breast compression between 2 glass plates
      (breast hangs down through opening in exam table while
      patient lies on stomach). Scanner creates cross sectional
      images like a cat scanner.

      Check out their



    • I am sure we will be buying chips from INTC, windows from MSFT, and converged PC/TV from SNE. Sony's role in this cyber revolution is not as obvious as INTC's and MSFT's yet. But it will in a couple of years.

    • Wmmm..

      What will happens if you get a spare money to invest, but have already bought all Sony products which you want to buy?

      Maybe you have to raise the tax rate as your income blow away your demands to the Sony products :-)

      Anyway, nice idea. I only wish if I had have the same wisdom as yours, when I bought a lot of toys.. 4 moter cycles, five PC, etc...


    • That's quite a fantastic strategy. Let me ask you: If you buy a coca-cola do you invest the purchase price in Coke? J.K. :-)

      I think you're grandkids will be eccstatic with your wisdom. I hope you plan on spending some on yourself though. I don't
      think you'll have to wait too long to make much money in those three. The only problem with your strategy however is that it
      forces you to most likely buy when the stock is up. Let me explain (and I say this without knowing anything about you so I
      appollogize if I'm way off base): Typically we buy toys (sony electronics and Win98 upgrades) and premium items (Coca-Cola vs. store
      brand) when the economy is doing splendidly well and we have money burning holes in our pockets. At this same time the stock prices
      of these companies obviously goes up. This is also the time that you plan on making your purchases of stock. Now I'm not saying
      that your strategy is flawed. In fact I feel that it shows a great amount of wisdom, discipline, and forethought. However, there
      is one obvious string that you need to be aware of. In the long run though this one string will be so minor as to not really
      matter that much.

      P.S. I think you'll need to buy more SNE after going to watch Godzilla on May 20.

    • I realized a long time ago that I own the following Sony Products: vaio notebook, vaio desktop, MD portable recordable, MD home stereo, telephone, CD players X 3, receiver, TV, DVD, Cassette, MD Car player, CD Car Changer, VCR. . . and the list goes on when I include family members.

      It was for this reason that I started investing 100% of my purchase price into Sony Stock in addition. I have no intention of ever selling. I like that every time I want a new toy, I double the price and put the difference from the actual purchase towards Sony stock.

      Basically my portfolio is what I call the big three: Coke, Sony, and Microsoft. I think that my grandchildren will thank me for investing in these and then never selling.

      Any thoughts?

      p.s. I will have to purchase even more shares, as HD TV comes out. . .

    • The new imaging stuff is more than interesting. I have been following imat for years and recently jumped back in. CT scanner that makes the 3-d immaging a whole new game. Pop a link up for LUMI if you have.
      Accu Image- target=new >

      Imatron- target=new >

      Thursday morning the Nikkei average is up 123.92 points at 15,885.46 around 0120 GMT (9:20 p.m. EDT). The dollar is at Y130.10, down from Y130.43 in New York late Wednesday.

    • If you are interested in digital imaging take a look at LUMI. They are into medical image archiving and teleradiology. I have some, would be interested in your opinion.

    • And it starts

      After hitting an 11-week low against the Deutsche mark in New York Tuesday on stop-loss selling triggered by a release of strong German M3 money supply data, the dollar fell to a 13-week low in Tokyo as overseas hedge funds and investors actively bought marks for dollars, dealers said.

    • Sony Shrs Firm Despite News Morgan Stanley Dropped From List

      Dow Jones Newswires

      TOKYO (Nikkei/Dow Jones)--Shares of Japan's Sony Corp. (SNE or 6758) are modestly higher in Tuesday morning trading despite a newspaper report that the consumer electronics giant has been dropped from Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's (MSDW) list of 40 recommended stocks.

      At 0120 GMT (9:20 p.m. EDT Monday), Sony shares were up Y20, or 0.2%, at Y11,320 on volume of 298,800 shares.

      Yes we new that but I wonder how Morgan and Stanley are doing with their wood chopping. Heard they had to solicite the help of Dean and Witter to sell the Sony holdings as the computers have all been packed away. Also heard Stanley still wants to go to the movies this summer but Morgan will not hear of it. Sorry Stanley, you are going to miss some good ones. Tony

    • just wanted to echo STTRDR's sentiments regarding powerdog's commentary. powerdog, thanks for keeping us informed. despite all the asian turmoil, i'm convinced SNE has great prospects worldwide.

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