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  • SunTzu2U SunTzu2U May 11, 1998 2:08 PM Flag


    There's a rumor going around that Sony is buying XYBR. Anybody got any takes on this. What's going on?

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    • I agree with your currency eval. . I don't think
      we can lose when buying quality. I'll be at E3 in
      Atlanta this weekend. I'll tell you my "insights" next
      week. Are you using any other sites to keep track of
      Sony's capital inflows?

    • 11600.00 11420.00 +180.00 1.58%

      As to the
      $/yen. stated one reason Sony would not do as well this
      year was the yen would return to 100yen/$ and Sony
      would not continue to benefit from weak yen. The way I
      see it we in the US will benefit either way. Stock is
      already cheap. I will either get 30% gain on currency
      change, 30% gain from earnings or have a low yen most of
      the year and get the 30% then have the currency go
      back to 100 and get another 30% for a 60% gain. Where
      can we lose. Famous last words? I don't think so and
      am buying on dips and smiling. Tony

    • What will be the result of this MONSTER release on SNE ? I sure hope that it is positive.

    • SONY just signed an agreement to manufacture
      wearable computers for a company called XYBERNAUT

      Datmer-Benz uses it on the factory floor.

      XYBR just
      held a conference showing the product to FedEx, U.S.
      Army, Navy and Airforce, etc.

      This should
      benefit both companies. You might want to check out

      Happy Trading

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      • I'd like to hear from SNE longs what they think
        about the deal with XYBR. What are some of the ways
        XYBR's MA IV can complement Sony's products and
        vice-versa? Any comments would be appreciated.

        i don't
        know much about sne (except obviously great

      • xyrb sure blasted. Thnks foe the info tasty.

      • Part of a Dow news article today. Appears some of
        my sarcastic comments about Morgan and Stanley were
        warrented. Go sne. I would rather have shares held by the
        pension funds than these tricksters. Morgan and Stanley
        appear to be buying against their downgrades. What I
        expected but not at all ethical.

        Dow Jones
        Newswires -- May 13, 1998
        Sony Shrs Up 2.1% Midday;
        Goldman, Salomon Active

        (Nikkei/Dow Jones)--Shares of Japan's Sony Corp. (SNE or

        6758) are higher at midday Thursday as foreign brokers
        are buying to help
        add to gains scored during the
        past three days, a trader said.

        At the midday
        break on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Sony shares are

        Y230, or 2.1%, higher at Y11,410 on volume of 699,600

        The shares gained a total of Y630 over the past
        three days.

        Goldman Sachs Japan was the most
        active buyer, while Salomon Smith
        Barney Japan and
        Morgan Stanley Japan also purchased the shares.

        Morgan Stanley actively bought toward the close

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