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  • justasgreedy justasgreedy May 20, 1998 10:37 PM Flag


    Let's hear opinions from people who have actually seen the movie. Will it really be a blockbuster?

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    • Sony 2.8% down in Japan as we slept. Still wondering if, when Japan will sell T's. Seems like alot of havock becouse of yen slide. Causing ripples all over asia. Pain will be ours soon I expect.

    • i saw Godzilla this last tues. (being not only a
      shareholder but also a movie buff) i have to say that the
      critics are right when it comes to the plot and dialogue
      (and they had FOUR DIALOGUE EDITORS!?!?!?), viz. it
      sucks. but godzilla has some of the best action i have
      ever seen on the big screen. music wasn't that great
      in the movie (but i heard that its soundtrack is
      eating up the charts). Despite the poor plot and
      mediocre acting, i see major profits for sony in this one.
      i mean, nobody's gonna go into the movie expecting
      a great story anyway (actually, everything i've
      written here reminds me of titanic). in any case, it is a
      decent movie, but a great thriller. the special effects
      were nearly seamless (but i wish that the effects
      would have been used for a story that makes

      anyway, everybody should go watch the movie themselves
      and i apologize for being so long-winded.

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      • why_did_it_have_to_be_me why_did_it_have_to_be_me May 26, 1998 2:22 PM Flag

        well here i an again dissapointed with the new
        movie godzilla.
        i was looking forward to see the
        movie on opening day,
        however i didn't make it.that
        but the rest of my family and friends did. and oh boy
        the comments on the movie are very bad, except the
        special effects they are superb
        i'll name them in
        numerical order.

        1. godzilla didn't look like
        2. was it a she or he monster?
        oh i see, its a
        she-male monster.
        3. a lizard? Hmmm?
        4. it bleeds
        (what happen to mighty godzilla)
        5. size does not
        matter? godzilla its small in size,
        because it get
        lost in the city.
        while the original godzilla was
        bigger then the buildings.
        and the list can go on and
        on but i'll stop with this five.

        as all you
        can see this is not godzilla they only use the name
        to bring godzilla fans to recover their
        and i say this because i am a fan of godzilla movies,

        i have seen them since i was a litle boy.
        fact i remember (godzilla 1985) that was
        not this new movie. they should name it something
        else but

      • You hit in right on the head!!!!!

      • Great review. It kind of made me think: when was
        the last time I saw a great FX movie that had a
        decent plot? Speed (maybe, but it had too many sterotype
        characters)..seen it 20 times, though. Apocalyse Now (maybe too
        deep a plot and characters you spent too much time
        analyzing),..seen it 5 times, the recent Bond movies (you KNOW
        you'll see great FX and an "average" plot).. seen 10 X
        each. If you are a movie buff, or just want to keep
        your kids entertained, you'll want this film with your
        Its a different world now.. we fast forward to
        the parts we like best.
        Hell, the best one I ever
        saw was Guns Of Navarone.
        Truth is: though I like
        the best, I'll fast forward through Ben Hur, the Ten
        Commandants, Towering Inferno, the Birds, Vertigo, the
        Godfathers, Gone With the Wind, ________, ______,: I go to
        the parts that grab me.
        The new look of Godzilla
        grabs me. 'Hope Sony makes a mint off the Hasbro (and
        other) licenses on the toys. This is the new standard
        world wide. >'ll translate good into DVD,
        I'll wait for Deep Impact, on cable, in October.

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