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  • Dinty55 Dinty55 Sep 20, 1999 12:19 PM Flag

    GO SONY: UP over 4% so far today

    to another new high, while US markets languish
    and go nowhere!!!
    Also, an interestring piece of
    news today:

    Article for Sony Corporation
    (NYSE:SNE) 7:00 AM

    1999 7:00 AM
    - PRNewswire

    Calif., Sep 20, 1999 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Sony
    Broadcast & Professional Europe and BroadVision Inc.
    (Nasdaq:BVSN), today announced a partnership to develop
    e-business services to its customers in the European
    broadcast and professional electronics markets. Initial
    applications are under detailed study at present and the first
    new services will become available during the winter.
    Sony aims to develop these services to provide a raft
    of new offerings to its customer base via the Web.

    "We started a detailed study in the early summer on
    how to use e-business to create closer relationships
    with our key customers. We quickly identified
    BroadVision as the key supplier of e-business software
    solutions and found their offering a excellent fit to our
    existing IT and Web requirements," said Miles Flint,
    President of Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe. "We aim
    to become the leading supplier of customized
    Web-based services in the industry and this important
    initiative is another example of our on-going commitment to
    improve our support to our customers who almost
    universally depend on Sony for their mission-critical

    "BroadVision is delighted to have been
    selected by the Sony European Broadcast & Professional
    Division as the core element of its e-business initiative.
    It is clear to us that the combination of Web
    technology and One-to-One Marketing techniques can transform
    the way Sony does business across its extended
    enterprise of new and existing customers," said Dr. Pehong
    Chen, CEO of BroadVision Inc.

    Sony established
    an internal study group in the early summer which
    quickly identified huge opportunities to use e-business
    and Web technology to extend the company's
    interaction with its customers who are spread across many
    diverse markets and who are increasingly looking for
    applications tailored and customized to their specific
    concerns. A Sony project team has set as a key requirement
    the early availability of applications that would
    enable a greater understanding of market trends and
    customer needs within each of the market sectors that it
    serves. The strategy for Sony is to develop e-business
    services that will be relevant to both its direct and
    dealer channels in the coming months.

    BroadVision BroadVision, Inc. is the leading worldwide
    supplier of e-business applications for relationship
    management across the extended enterprise. BroadVision's
    end-to-end solutions enable companies to rapidly deploy and
    cost-effectively operate secure, scalable, intelligent, and
    flexible e-business applications for e-commerce, financial
    services and knowledge management. The company's entire
    product line has experienced exceptional growth and
    increasing acceptance by Global 2000 businesses as well as
    pure-play e-startups.

    BroadVision has more than 350
    customers in the financial services, retail, distribution,
    high technology, telecommunications, and travel
    industries including American Airlines, Credit Suisse,
    Development Bank of Singapore, Ernst & Young, Fingerhut, The
    Home Depot, Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, Liberty
    Financial, META Group, Motorola, Nortel Networks,, RS Components, Telus, Visa USA, Vodafone, and
    Xerox. BroadVision is headquartered in Redwood City,
    Calif. and maintains an extensive network of
    subsidiaries and licensed resellers in North and South
    America, Europe, and Asia.

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    • Don't mean to monopolize the Board (damned this
      is a quite Board) I like that. No shorts talking BS
      like the others! Just a FYI - I think Dell is going to
      get beaten up pretty well as the analysts are
      claiming since they sell direct, there is no back-up
      inventory to speak of, there appears to be a drag in the
      chip production due to Taiwan earthquake and earnings
      are expected to be less than predicted. Personally, I
      feel the earthquake is a mild setback and DELL will be
      a hell of a good long holding. Price should slump
      but will be short term buy opportunity as DELL beats
      the pants off of CPQ. A buying opportunity is all I
      am promoting here just in case anyone is interested.
      I'm long DELL as well as CSCO and buy on the dips!

    • If you like this one please take a look at Nextel
      and Oracle. Not to mention Qualcomm. Unbelievable
      returns since June. All of those companies, including SNE
      have something special going for them. IMHO Qualcomm
      (QCOM) is gold, handsets stink and they are getting out
      of this business - its their CDMA technology that
      the get royalties paid to them by all the other
      handset cos that use it (all the good ones, including NOK
      use it on the better units). ORCL is by far the most
      reliable software and is up and coming. Again, a special
      product. NXTL against has handsets that stink, but they
      are king of the bandwidth (they have a special
      walkie/talkie (if you will as I don't know what you call it)
      that connects businesses to other businesses. No
      residential stuff only business. Again, something special.
      I'll never own another internet stock personally as
      these companies have something to offer. Not spamming
      here - just offering good stock opinion. I had Comsat
      (CQ) not CMCSA and tendered it to LMT. Another good
      bet is DISH. I prefer it over GMH that owns DirectTV.
      Good investing friends.

    • and didn't get any...just rising this AM....may
      get another chance as markets all "tank" again?

      GO that memorystick too!! UP, UP
      again, in a dive in the markets!!! Go innovation! Go Big
      Name brand...GO quality reputation, et.


    • I think the worst is over for some of the big pharma like BMY WLA and LLY. ALso it is time for the cables to climb.

    • BMY soon, if market begins to settle a bit. Worried about the "head and shoulders top" chart pattern on S&P breaking down.


    • was about 120 US$ (not $15)....darned fingers.
      And I just checked latest profile and the target was
      raised to 18,800 YEN, ($163 at the time) whatever that
      translates to today, up from old target of 14,800 YEN. Sorry
      Got in too much of a hurry before dinner

    • SNE briefly on the concern that earnings would be
      lower due to a stronger yen. Now that that is over it
      would be foolish to remain short on SNE. I am long
      Comcast (CMCSA) and went long on BMY as these 2 stocks
      have been beaten down recently on no bad news. They
      will rebound when 3Q earnings roll around!!!
      luck. MAy you make $$$ as well!!!

    • from $15 to 180 (approx. US$) as I recall....and they've been right on the SNE call so far.
      I'm holding. Don't want the short term gains either....I have a month longer to hold for that.

    • The Stock Market Advantage added Sony to the aggressive portfolio following a system generated buy signal.

    • Yes I was wondering if I should stay with Sony or sell. I bought it at 128 7/8 so either e-mail me or post a reply. Any help is appreciated.

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