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  • lovlee_1999 lovlee_1999 Oct 4, 1999 10:16 PM Flag


    Misinterrpreted your send off here(and kind
    words) sorry! Guess he is with the angels now! People
    like that are hard to come by now! What a visionary he
    was! God bless! Please except my apologies!

    P S
    to Dinty - if you have a ticker for E-Trade Japan,
    please advise. I really, truly believe this is a ground
    floor opportunity as stocktrading as we in America know
    it, is just now taking off in Japan! thanks - Good
    night all!

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    • I just peek at sites like
      bloomberg dot

      worldlyinvestor dot
      (p.s., check ouit the article on Honda hybrid powered
      cars!!! I own and like HMC)
      note YAA=ahoo wouldn't let
      me put in the full urls....

      to see what world
      markets are doing...and Bloomberg on TV gives periodic
      updates. I have been considering buying IIJI....know
      anything about/opinions?


    • Busy Ant, I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I saved a message from last march. Go and check out post # 610 of this Sony Message Board. It may help you.

    • Go baby go.....keep innovating. Let's hit MSDW's $171+ price target soon!! On vacation for a week starting tomorrow...take care of SNE while I'm gone...will check in USA Today.


    • I don't think it is an investment. Sony is buying sound chips and mass storage controller/read channel chips from Cirrus. I think that is just about the size of it.

    • Not sure of the reason but it is common knowledge
      that the specialized super powered chip SNE uses in
      its new Playstation II is difficult to get due to
      high demand. Hence the reason the gameplayer won't hit
      the US until next year. I own quite a few
      semi-conductor stocks and they are taking a hell of a hit now.
      (ie PMCS down over 10 on Friday) yikes! I bought more
      however at the lower price as personally I think its more
      fluff than anything. However, the analysts and the
      press is tooting the stocks are down due to the Taiwan
      earthquake and that most big US semiconductor companies
      actually outsource their chip production (memory chip) to
      Taiwan. I'm not so sure if isn't greed driving this more
      than actual shortages though. Just my opinion.

    • Thanks for your take. I own a couple of Semi
      companies as well. The reason I was curious about the
      Cirrus relationship is the founders of Neomagic (NMGC)
      used to be CRUS execs. NMGC supplies graphics chips to
      a lot of Sony laptops & they are rumored to be
      developing next generation 3D & DVD chips that might go in
      the Playstation. They are my largest holding & I'm
      waiting to find out if they are going to deliver on these
      consumer products (currently they have the largest share
      of the laptop graphic chips market). Due to the fact
      that their stock price has been hammered down (60% off
      52-week high) over the past 6 months, there have also
      been rumors that they would get bought out by everyone
      from Dell, Micron, Sony, etc. However, I don't think
      that will happen.

      Thanks again for the update.
      By the way, I think Sony is a good play at these


    • Sony[SNE]investors there is a must read article
      written by David Sheff in the latest issue of Wired
      magazine[the November 99 version 7.11 edition].The cover blurb
      says "Sony's Plan to Kill the PC",further in the table
      of contents the tease reads"Sonys Plan for World
      Recreation":"The hyperactive future starts with every household
      device playing inside a seamless communications
      network.Call it living-room keiretsu."This leads to a full 12
      pages of copy inside the magazine devoted to Sony past
      present and most importantly future including a test
      drive of Play Station 2.If you have any investment in
      Sony you must read this it will inspire you to stay in
      Sony[SNE]for the long haul.Thats Wireds November 99 7.11
      edition ,read it now !

    • Can anyone from this board talk about Sony's
      business plans with Laser Pacific Media and whether it may
      result in Sony making an offer for LPAC?

      from Sony's recent DVD award and LPAC's success this
      year, the relationship appears to be working good for
      each party.


    • look at mena

    • <EOM>

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