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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Oct 27, 1999 12:29 PM Flag

    SONY has lousy customer service in USA

    B O S E....crap speakers, yet everybody knows the
    name, and think it is something special...same for
    Sony, without new ideas marketing can only take it so
    far....20 years, pooof in the toilet..Philips has been
    around since 1891..inventing, developing, creating, most
    of teh stuff you use today, and what Sony
    markets...GE,Siemens also pioneers in developments, GE has succeded
    better than all of them, as the most profitable company
    on the planet..gonna close out 99' with about
    $10BILLION in PROFIT....GE could buy Sony and Philips
    together...Sony creates's first product a plastic radio, based on radio,
    developed by others, plastic, developed by others,
    transistor, others, so what the heck does Sony do? Buy U.S.
    film studio's, call them selves movie makers? Sony
    marketing succeds cus' consumers are STUPID, they believe
    some of the lies in the ads...Coke is worth $350
    BILLION in market cap, Sony only about $60BILLION(GE is
    $414BILLION) today!!!!!!)..they sell WATER with SUGAR in,
    another useless company !!!!!!!!!!Marketing is grand...

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