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  • pontiaccruisecontrol2 pontiaccruisecontrol2 Nov 26, 1999 2:24 PM Flag

    sony inventions

    sony invented :


    etc etc. must i continue

    i hope they make
    some cool movie`s too . i like to watch movies and
    play on my playstation. i like sony and i also like

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    • Sony did NOT invent the Transistor. A team of
      engineers at Bell labs in NJ did that in I believe 1948.

      Sony did however exploite the use of the transistor
      and the rest is history.

      From a Sony Employee

      • 1 Reply to Gone_south_97
      • The Transistor was in FACT used in a transistor
        radio First by REGENCY, Sony had their's out a bit LAbs should get
        retro active license fees for anything with a
        semiconductor....Bertain,Schokley, and the other guy get credit at Bell labs for the
        transistor..they formed Schokley Semi Conductor, which later
        formed into FairChild Semiconductor, which eventually
        led to Texas Instruments....the head guy at Intel,
        originally worked at FairChild with Bertain and
        Schokley,anything related to SemiConductor can be traced to it's
        start by BELL LABS....Sony's only work on the CD, which
        is an entire concept from PHILIPS, was the error
        correction ckts only....Philips' laseroptical recording was
        the first on the LaserDisc...the size, the entire
        format of CD is Dutch....a lot of work done in Briar
        Cliff labs in NY, by Philips. It's notasony. Even the
        plastic used for the first plastic radio, was in fact
        developed by some other company, not Sony.

    • You just proved my point about Sony hype and teh
      uninformed consumer, public...Bells Labs invented the
      transistor..ever hear of Bertain.? Walkman is based on the PHILIPS
      cassette, 1962...single gun crt(trinitron) PHILIPS , they
      marketed it poorly, marketing is Sony's expertise, Morita
      learned it a MIT, he went to American college!
      PlayStation?....all the parts in it are somebody else's work. Video
      Games were not invented by Sony...CCD used in the Video
      camera...Philips and Bell Labs, Bell got the Patent ahead of done in the 60's...But you prove my point..the
      consumer is totaly uninformed and mindless in any products
      they buy....Advertising really does corrupt the minds
      of dopes. The concept of SteadyCam is out of
      professional camera for movies from the pro's..Hollywood had
      it years before Sony once again took another idea
      from other companys. Movies?...they BOUGHT into
      Columbia, which existed for decades without
      Sony....remember Japanese movies....Godzilla?....Mothra?...Quality
      product there!! They ain't exactly Cecil B D'Mill..or
      Buster Keaton! sound like a totaly uninformed
      individual....ignorance is BLISS!

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