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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 26, 1999 11:33 AM Flag


    NIKE DID invent the modern running shoe...the co-
    founder Bill Bowerman recently died...he was a track
    coach in Oregon....he was 88 years old...that's older
    than SNE!!!!in the 60's he was experimenting with
    running shoes. Nike was formed about 64'..with the now
    Chairman Phil Knight...once again you be wrong and mis now that makes 2 firms that are successful, due
    to what they INVENTED...not copy cats....

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    • Nke invited the "modern" running shoe...sure they
      did. Where did you get this information from, Nke
      marketing materials perhaps? Of course history is written
      by the winners, and when it comes to running shoes
      Nke is clearly the winner. So in the end it really
      doesn't matter who invented the "modern" running shoe -
      which was the subtle point I was making. What matters
      is what people like you (and me) perceive and
      believe - and that is of course influenced by the
      marketing brilliance of companies like Nke, Msft, Ko, and
      of course our believed Sne.

      PS I noticed you
      conveniently neglected to address the other companies I raised
      as Sne comparables. Just to ensure that you have
      enough to keep you busy over the new years holiday,
      consider the case of Dis. Dis did not discover the theme
      park or cartoons. It did however manage to refine and
      improve on these products and, as a result of specific
      refinements and improvements has managed to capture the
      attention and affection of billions world wide. I would
      also point out that Dis does not manufacture light
      bulbs (in fact it manufactures nothing tangible), yet
      it has managed to make its investors rich.

      Other companies which I consider to be Sne comparables
      include Aol, Yhoo, and many other incredibly valuable
      companies that are not GE or PHG, that did not invent
      anything at all, and that do not manufacture light bulbs.

      So once again you be wrong and mis

      Happy New Year

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