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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 29, 1999 1:26 PM Flag


    Many of teh items needed were developed and
    perfected at PHILIPS LABS....they perfected and developed
    the infra red coating used inside of SOX lamps (Low
    Pressure Sodium) which they introdued in 1932,this is the
    science used in Halogen lamps from others to increase
    eficacy they invented SODIUM LIGHTING...which led to GE
    developing HPS lamps (GOLDEN WHITE) as opposed to LPS which
    is MonoChromatic YELLOW,
    LPS is STILL the most
    efficient commercially available light source.....over 200
    lumens per watt!...BUT it is pure yellow, best for
    street lighting, and for fog and rain driving, no glare
    back, due to the lack of BLUE wavelength...they
    INVENTED it...the TUNGSTEN filament lamp was done first
    bytwo AUSTRIAN sceintists 1903...1907 squirted tungsten
    lamps were being year later PHILIPS
    started production...they were there when it all
    BEGAN....SNE...not even a thought yet, didn't EXIST, neither did the
    guy MORITA...he wasn't even born yet!!!!Get the book
    called "History of Light and Lighting...3222 635 08461
    from Internation Lighting Review..on the PHILIPS through the history of
    ANY developments,
    there is no SONY, only GE,OSRAM, PHILIPS and many other didn't exist!

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