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  • kajagugu kajagugu Dec 30, 1999 11:44 AM Flag

    ALERT: Three Way Merger - SNE+PHG+GE

    Just watch CNBC !!!

    Just Kidding......
    (would be great though)

    Please pay no attention
    to all the short sellers like hpu_1234 and jst6666
    or FAFA. If they can't back up their messages with
    real data or links - it's not true. DLJ doesn't even
    cover SNE. And the profit down 12% is very VERY old

    So be informed. Get the facts. And please don't
    believe anything these morons post here.

    Happy new
    year to all SNE Longs (and to the Short sellers too -
    hope you have better luck next year)

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    • Please do watch CNBC, it's owned by's that Sony broadcast network, oooops, they don't have one, they do make Playstation....that's true....

      • 3 Replies to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • the whole world is lit
        wired and new
        if GE can make it
        Sony can too

      • but Sony doesn't, neither does Philips---both
        being prohibited by FCC rules, due to being foreign what? FAFA, I'm sorry Sony doesn't make
        lightbulbs, and I'm sorry Philips doesn't make Playstations.
        All of these companies are different animals, with
        different corporate strategies. It matters not who invented
        or patented what, though those are nice matter which company pleases the shareholders the
        most. By the way, Ampex invented the tape
        recorder--Philips took that technology and put it into the cassette
        which everyone else followed. Ampex invented the video
        tape recorder also, which Sony adapted for home use.
        All companies borrow other technologies from other
        companies...the inventors still get compansated due to the patent
        process, so why the big speel about Philips this and Sony
        that? Isn't there room for many great companies?

      • I'd watch CNBC but I (and millions of others) are
        too busy playing on our playstations. In the future I
        will be too busy surfing the net from playstation to
        watch CNBC. I feel bad for GE - maybe they should get
        into the game consol business where the real money
        will be made in the future.

        Happy New Year

    • go go sne

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