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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 30, 1999 4:27 PM Flag

    ALERT: Three Way Merger - SNE+PHG+GE

    Please do watch CNBC, it's owned by's that Sony broadcast network, oooops, they don't have one, they do make Playstation....that's true....

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    • the whole world is lit
      wired and new
      if GE can make it
      Sony can too

    • I'd watch CNBC but I (and millions of others) are
      too busy playing on our playstations. In the future I
      will be too busy surfing the net from playstation to
      watch CNBC. I feel bad for GE - maybe they should get
      into the game consol business where the real money
      will be made in the future.

      Happy New Year

    • but Sony doesn't, neither does Philips---both
      being prohibited by FCC rules, due to being foreign what? FAFA, I'm sorry Sony doesn't make
      lightbulbs, and I'm sorry Philips doesn't make Playstations.
      All of these companies are different animals, with
      different corporate strategies. It matters not who invented
      or patented what, though those are nice matter which company pleases the shareholders the
      most. By the way, Ampex invented the tape
      recorder--Philips took that technology and put it into the cassette
      which everyone else followed. Ampex invented the video
      tape recorder also, which Sony adapted for home use.
      All companies borrow other technologies from other
      companies...the inventors still get compansated due to the patent
      process, so why the big speel about Philips this and Sony
      that? Isn't there room for many great companies?

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      • Actually foreign ownership of broadcast networks
        is not restricted, Wilpert Murdoch owns FOX network,
        he be from Australia...Ampex did invent the video
        recorder, Philips invented the vcr, not Sony.....Philips
        had the V-2000 out in Europe long before anything
        from Sony or JVC had VHS systems out...that is the
        key....Philips, BASF(magnetic tape),Ampex actually invented
        something, Sony only uses other ideas and makes a product,
        they never develop the original idea. They are a
        marketing company, not a creator. One of the first video
        games out was a Philips, under the Magnavox label,
        called Oddessy, back in the late 70's..another
        pioneering effort from the creators, of course it actually
        all began from other technology used in flight
        simulators. Flight being devloped by and perfected by idea us mortals copied. True Philips did not
        invent BIRDS. But Philips does have products in
        airplanes, the jet nozzles for GE are made by Philips, as
        are the display panels in the cockpits. AirPax which
        PHG recently sold off, makes many components that are
        in the jets...Sony produces a game, to pretend about
        doing things in reality. Very high share price based on
        some slick marketing, what is the long term outlook?
        Even 5 years? Creation is the engine that drives

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