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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jan 1, 2000 6:10 PM Flag

    Barrons Blessing!!!

    Take apart a PlayStation, wonder who made the
    chips, that is the company whose stock is to buy....SNE
    is grossly overpriced...but then's a
    Sony, that makes it all ok, right? LG Electronics from
    Korea makes SNE look like a startup garage
    operation....but let's see how high this stock can go, cus' then
    it more fun watching in in a lot of the
    internet stocks...time to sell. SNE does not yet have or
    market a DIGITAL TV recorder do they...PHILIPS's called TiVo....slick
    stuff....www.personaltv.(philips).com, maybe leave out the's

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    • Wow - Philips has and markets a "DIGITAL TV
      recorder". Now I'm impressed with the great PHG.

      Flunky - after going on and on about how bad playstation
      is for kids, how it rots their brains, how it is the
      reason they cannot read and write, how can you be so
      hyprocritical as to hype PHG on the basis of its "DIGITAL TV
      recorder". I mean is TV any better for kids than video
      games?? Will PHG "DIGITAL TV recorder" make life better
      for the world? Will it cure hunger, disease? Of
      course not - all it will do is allow people to watch
      "Friends" when they want without having to deal with
      commercials - wow!!! Of course, we all know that people
      shouldn't be wasting their lives in front of the TV (or
      playstation consol) they should be out inventing light bulbs
      (or buying them).

      In my opinion, this proves
      that your dislike for Sne is not predicated on any
      rational assessment of its products, prospects, or
      relative value, and is driven solely by resentment and

      Happy New Year

    • .... on something.

      TiVo is AMAZING !!! I
      went out and bought one a few weeks after it came out.
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It has made watching TV
      bareable again. See what you want, when you want it, skip
      over commercials, have the box suggest what you might
      want to watch based on your previous selections. It
      runs Linux and gets daily updates from


      SNE also has an agreement with TiVo and will probably
      be coming out with it's own version in February.
      Same as SNE and PHG did with WebTV set-top boxes.

      Now, if I worked for SNE I would try to combine my
      strengths here. I would either install the TiVo right into
      my best selling TVs, creating a 'TiVo Inside'
      situation (there is so much room inside these huge boxes
      that can be used to store a Hard Drive and Modem). Or,
      I might combine this TiVo with a version of PS2 to
      create a complete home entertainment system. Imagine a
      DVD Player, Digiatl TV Recorder, and Games Machine -
      All with broadband capabilities and Web access. But
      that's just an idea I have. All the technology is there,
      you just have to market it


      TIVO shares are a dead rock. I got in after the IPO
      and lost a lot of money when the stock dropped hard
      after releasing their first earnings report. And it
      still hasn't rebounded. It has a lot of problems to
      overcome before it will take off again (which still might
      happen). Their revenuse is based on subscription charges
      per customer of $10 a month (or $200 lifetime - per
      box). They currently work only in the US. And their
      price is way too high for regular consumers.
      next earnings period might tell if this is growing at
      an exponential rate or not. Check it out. Also check
      out Quantum - they make the amazingly fast disks

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