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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jan 3, 2000 6:38 PM Flag

    Exponential Playstation Sales

    These amazing consumers are the same ones who
    think BOSE speakers are hi fidelity, connected to a
    Sony amp, hardly a realistic reproduction of the live
    event(checkout, for REAL hi fidelity
    speakers)...true, it's their money, spend it on what ever pleases
    ones self.....PT Barnum also had many customers...GM
    has a lot of customers, I'm an ex GM customer...I
    wouldn't buy a GM product if it was almost free....after
    all my dismal experiences with GM products, as
    company cars....since my last 5 VW products, who would
    ever go back to a GM you see, just cus'
    people want to buy the stuff don't mean there ain't
    better stuff out there, with true value and performance.
    Sony is a highly marketed branding, that is
    is McDonalds...the name is never off the radio or tv
    screen, it almost gets imbedded into one's thoughts, cus'
    of the relentless media's not product
    based, it ad based...Football, on the list of
    uselessness gone into the billions of dollars.....will they
    be playing at the Philips arena in Atlanta GA.?
    Won't watch don't care...true I don't watch football,
    and I don't get it....why do they need to wear all
    that body protection, for a "game"..even in
    Basketball, baseball, or Soccer, they don't look like they
    are out to injure, cripple, or knock some teeth out,
    all in the name of "sport". It truly is a dumb
    "game"...useless indeed, except for the over paid "players", who
    sure do make a nice living trying to injure other
    players....what happened to the price today?

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    • There is a marketing tool called Perceptual Maps.
      It shows what the perceptions of the consumers are.
      Even if in FAFA's Universe everything that's
      notaphilips is overpriced, overvalued, break easily or stolen
      from Philips and GE - Smart marketing professionals
      use these perceptual maps to position their products
      correctly. If you target a consumer segment - you should
      know what that consumer wants and what his perceptions
      of the products are.

      I'll take a larger
      market share of amazing 'Retards' who buy SNE products
      any day.

      FAFA - get educatd, we are all sick
      of your ignorance on this board already.

    • Wow - you really got me with the price. Down
      $6!!! I have to go find a tall building so I can take a
      flying leap. As I mentioned earlier, I bought at $30 so
      I can pretty much ignore your comments on price.
      However, I will say that if you think a $6 drop supports
      your views, then what do you think about the $200 run
      up that preceded that drop? I know, I know - the
      $200 increase is not significant because it is
      attributable to the stupidity of the masses. On the other
      hand, the $6 drop is significant because it is
      attributable to smart investors who share your views.

      Second point: "jus cus' people want to buy the stuff
      don't mean there ain't better stuff out there, with
      true value and performance" - fine, but do you also
      accept the corrolary - that jus cus' there's "better"
      stuff out there, with "true value and performance",
      don' mean people is gonna buy it. This is why
      marketing is so important (Duh!!!).

      Third point:
      McDonalds success speaks for itself (not everyone wants or
      likes Cordon Bleu cooking).

      Fourth point: "true
      I don't watch football, and I don't get it" - but
      don't let ignorance stop you from commenting on the
      sport. By the way, soccer has been making (slow) inroads
      into North America, and football has been making
      similar inroads into Europe.

      Fifth point: You
      sound like a real elitist, ripping into McDonalds and
      football and arguing that quality must triumph over image
      and substance over form. Well, genius, what do you
      think people will use the new PHG products for except
      to watch - horrors - football (they sure as hell
      won't be using it to watch Masterpiece theatre). For
      this, and many other reasons, my opinion is that the
      new PHG product matches playstation and football in
      terms of its "uselessness". I challenge you to show

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